Microblue Intelligence

Microblue Intelligence is a tech company which provides industry-wide AI visual technology. We are professional and capable to implement visual project quickly and to offer multiple deployment plans(including local deployment and cloud deployment) according to the situation of the project.
 We use mainstream AI algorithm in the insudtry and master core techniques(including target recognition, defect detection, visual classification,etc.).We can assess the actual application context of customers and provide customerized servise quickly and precisely.

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Metcela Inc.

Metcela Inc. is a pre-clinical stage biotech startup in Japan. At Metcela, we are developing an innovative, clinically viable and efficacious cell therapy for chronic heart failure using a specific type of fibroblasts found in the heart, called “VCFs” or VCAM-1-positive cardiac fibroblasts. The effects of VCFs in cardiac function have been demonstrated in various animal heart failure models. VCF’s main function is to modify the microenvironment of the infarcted heart to promote survival and proliferation of pre-existing cardiac cells. Unlike many other technologies, our approach is to simply yet truly regenerate the cells that already exist in the heart and help them thrive in a more favorable environment that VCFs create.

 For cell delivery, we have teamed up with a leading catheter manufacturer in Japan to develop a unique injection catheter system which can assist the clinicians to precisely inject VCF to the infarcted areas. Combining the novel characteristics of VCFs and a cutting-edge technology of the precision delivery catheter, we are preparing to initiate an investigator-initiated phase I clinical trial in Japan in early 2021 and later bring the technology to other parts of the world.

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Motorica is a company with offices in Russia (HQ), China and India focusing on research and development in medicine and robotics. Since its establishment, the company has been developing artificial hand systems and rehabilitation with assistive technologies. Half of the team are R&D staff and medical specialists.
 Motorica challenges the outdated ideas about prosthetic care. The team taught prostheses to communicate with the user, go online, perform voice commands, pay for purchases. In 2018, Motorica launched the development of a rehabilitation platform based on virtual reality and a platform for collecting telemetry via gsm-module in prosthetic devices. Nowadays, people with disabilities become the primary users of the cyber technology market and turn weaknesses into strengths.

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Ministry of Movement Pte Ltd (aka SWAT)

SWAT is a high-tech mobility company that focuses on demand responsive, high capacity ride-sharing technology. With a world-class routing engine that dynamically matches vehicle routes based on a passenger’s booking location, city governments are able to utilise the software to optimise public transport and improve traffic situations. SWAT has implementations in Singapore and Sydney, and will soon be across ASIAN cities. SWAT also uses its technology to improve corporate staff transport that brings higher convenience for staff and reduces costs through greater efficiencies.

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Minet is a technology company in marketing field. We build a platform connecting brands who want to advertise through influencers on social networks. Our platform use Big Data and AI into a problems of optimizing campaign effectiveness by analyzing demographics and followers of influencers on social networks as well as analyzing the real or fake interaction of their accounts. From there, the system will automatically propose list influencers which is the most relevant to the brands. Beside, Big Data and AI automatically search and filter list influencer which match with Minet’s influencer networks.

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More Foods Innotech Co., Ltd.

More Foods Innotech is a leading plant-based food start-up in Thailand under product line, namely “More Meat”. With the consumer’s increasing awareness of food ingredients, as well as growing interest in natural, eco-friendly and sustainable food sources, we offer products made with quality ingredients, highlighting on nutrition, using local plants of Thailand that have bioactive compounds to promote good health, as well as sourcing from smaller producer groups to create sustainable income and job opportunities for the community.
Since its establishment in 2019, we have partnered with large food companies like V Foods Thailand and Thai Union to scale up and create impacts for the people.

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Mantra Inc.

– Problem:
The largest problem of global comic distribution is the slow speed / high cost of translation. These problems prevent publishers from delivering their comics abroad.
Consequently, manga (Japanese comics) are currently mostly served by low-quality, unprofessional, pirated translations on sleezy sites. The pirated Manga market in the US is estimated to be $10B/year, which is hugely damaging to publishers and Manga authors.

– Product:
We are building a comic translation tool for publishers to create an appropriate pipeline that connects comic artists and readers beyond language barriers. It contains i) a machine translation engine designed for comcis and ii) a post-editing tool for translators/letters. The translation engine achieves the best accuracy in the world (Compared with Google Translate, our engine performs similar to human translation by 3.6 points BLEU [Papineni+2002]). Combined with our online post-editing tool, the translation system accelerate the speed of comic translation by 2x.

– Business model & Tractions
We charge $1000-$5000 per month for our comic translation tool.
Within a month of the launch, 20+ publishers and online comic distributors had requested a free trial, and one of them had already switched to a paid plan ($1000/month).

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Meracle Pte Ltd

Meracle brings relief and assurance to patients with respiratory and chronic ailments by optimizing the delivery of therapy in a safe, reliable and efficient manner, with the ultimate goal of setting the industry’s benchmarks and standards. Meracle’s first product, the Whizz, improves the management of respiratory conditions by increasing the efficiency of medication delivered into the lungs while tracking intake data to augment the assessment of treatment outcomes. Through trials we have shown that the Whizz improves technique and compliance by 100%, leading to better asthma control and reduced symptoms. The system consist of a hardware that helps deliver medication effectively to patients, paired to a mobile application that has multiple features to track and encourage compliance through gamification as well as manage treatment regimen. The data collected benefits multiple stakeholders, by first improving the quality of life of patients and helping them gain a sense of control over their situation. Doctors have access to objective data that makes it easier to target accurate prescription medication and governments are able to improve public health and reduce the burden on an overwhelmed healthcare system.

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