Liquium is developing the next clean li quid fuel for heavy industries by building new, efficient, green and scalable ammonia plants to align with renewable energy generation and zero carbon fuels.

Liquium has unique IP for the production of ammonia under mild conditions with a new catalyst, allowing commercial ammonia production to be re-imagined at new economic scales. Ammonia production with Liquium’s catalyst will significantly reduce capital and operating costs (external modelling supports cost savings of >50%) of an industrial plant by a simpler process and less demanding infrastructure requirements.

Liquium’s business model focuses on two different key target markets. Firstly, renewable energy generation where MW scale projects typically do not align to hydrogen and ammonia production. But with Liquium these market opportunities in energy storage, distribution and utilisation can support local markets and use cases. Secondly, aligning to macro scale (thousands of tonnes per day) ammonia production to support the clean fuel diversification that is required for heavy industries such as the maritime sector. Following this pathway allows Liquium to scale ammonia production with market need and de-risk a new technology, and support economies transitioning from fossil fuels to clean alternatives such as Japan.

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LEET intelligence Co., Ltd.

LEET CARBON (LEET Intelligence Co., Ltd.) provides data-driven solutions and nature-based carbon capture for a low-carbon society through emission reductions and removals, Carbon credits, transparent monitoring, reporting, verification, and public engagement at any scale.

LEET building its most affordable data-driven services for low-carbon societies yet, LEET continues to make products accessible and affordable to more and more people ultimately accelerating the advent of nature-based carbon capture and introducing the web 3.0 technology as part of our decentralized management of trees and forests to optimize the benefits for local people, support to Green Banking and B2B Agri products but when combined, they become even more powerful that’s the future we want.

Our target clients are Carbon emitting Industries, Local governments, Impact investors, Researchers, Landowners, Conservationists, and Farmers. Our technologies allow us to offer customized individual solutions to clients which are simple and easy to modify at scale and speed in any place.

In terms of sustainability, our technology tackle 6 dimensions of sustainability with one solution: 1. Social impact 2. Economic impact 3. Environmental Impact 4. Natural resources 5. Technology and 6. Governance.

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Langzou Technologies

Langzou Technologies develops state of the art 3D computer vision and computer graphics technologies and builds smart city platforms on top of them. It serves governments, campus owners and buildings with digital twin solutions with a series of IOT applications. With these solutions, space management from city scale to building scale becomes much more efficient. Langzou’s vision is to build a more reliable space management system that lets operators run with confidence.

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At Lifeform AI we create IoT interfaces for healthier habits. The LifeChair is our IoT platform that uses our patented eTextile sensing technology and AI-based human behaviour models to improve the quality of life at work and in the home. The LifeChair IoT cushion and its partner app train healthy habits through posture training, stretching guidance and tailored work-life balance management. We’ve partnered with Fujitsu to create the offices of tomorrow by using the LifeChair to provide a suite of wellness features and AI-powered personalised feedback. Our innovations have also sought new ways to assist those working remotely and from home by offering an in-home wellness platform for employees and team management tools for employers.

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LOOP is an internet company that was founded on the vision that everybody in the F&B and retail business should have access to the best tools to manage and grow their business. Small and medium shop owners should have the same smart tools that bigger chains are using but made simpler. Our mission is to be the #1 Smart POS in South East Asia helping shop owners manage and grow their business. Whether they’re running a small convenience store, a neighbourhood cafe chain or a vintage fashion boutique, LOOP Smart POS is commited to support customers in their journey.

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LinkNext Technology Co., Ltd.

As PCs, Tablets, and Smartphone growth become saturated, LinkNext takes a first step in 2013 synergizing the data on various brands of multi-devices. By synergizing, LinkNext provides trendy designed personal gadgets enabling end users to create his own cloud with a plug-n-play approach. Simplicity, elegance, quality, and cross-platform technology are the 4 pillars supporting our product creation.

When IoTs grow to 9 billion in 2018, LinkNext will already have a platform in place to enable cross-platform and multi-device environment. Meanwhile, we have a product roadmap that will address the transformation of “legacy” things to smart IoTs.

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Learn Ever

Learn Ever is a social learning platform which allows anyone to teach any skills or knowledge to other users. Taking advantage of word of mouth communication power of social media such as Facebook, Twitter,and mixi, Learn Ever lets not only teachers to gather students for their class, but also students to find classes through friends’ “like” or “tweet”, which they did not even think of learning but can actually enjoy a lot.

Learn Ever is available for any teachers from someone who is already teaching something for his/her professional career to someone who has not taught what he/she is interested to teach. We believe that Learn Ever can provide great benefit for professional teachers as well, however, our goal is to provide opportunities to enjoy teaching and learning much more than ever. Therefore, Learn Ever prepares many features especially helping amateur teachers start sharing their knowledge and skills.

Learn Ever also allows students to pay on the web site using PayPal.

We monetize by charging 15 % of class fee for teachers. Posting a class is completely free, which is advantage against existing services for schools or teachers.

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Lively Impact Technology Limited

The company focuses on customer interaction analytics and offers Fingereach as its flagship platform. Fingereach is a Mobile Advertising Platform designed for advertisers to buy mobile ads across thousands of apps and webs in real-time, supported by the analytics found using Big Data technologies. Fingereach integrates with leading global and regional Ad Exchanges (e.g. Google AdX, Smaato, Adsmogo) to buy mobile ad slots in real time, based on the data pattern found in billions of usage behavior data made by different mobile users.

Fingereach has proprietary technologies in discovering under-priced inventory, identifying deep customer segments and has a social scheme to enable physical social connections. The platform was benchmarked to have a 30% impression-fee-cut and 50% click-fee-cut compared with other competitors. Fingereach has won numerous awards, including HK ICT Award 2015 (big data), Cloudera Data Impact Award Top 3 (amid AMD and Mastercard), GD-IOT Most Creative Award, and TechCrunch Beijing Top 15.

Fingereach has generated from 0 to US$300,000 revenue, 30 customers (8 channels) and enabling 3 social communities in the last 12 months operations.

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