The grocery retail market is globally worth $10 trillion. The experience economy is demanding that retailers consider innovation in the physical space to meet increasing consumer expectations, and the brands that embrace this reality will see unprecedented growth. IMAGR is a technology and experience innovation that will transform the retail experience forever. 90% of all retail transactions today are done via bricks and mortar, which shows that retail isn’t dead, and with the increasing investment made by e-commerce giants into this space, the incumbents must act now to ensure they survive.

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Innova Nanotech(Thailand), is the flocculating agent producer. The Int. Flocculants product that can be high efficiency entrapment in both of organic (protein, oil and starch etc.) and inorganic matters (metal complex, textile dye etc.) in the treatment of industrial wastewater. We also provide consulting system for both of management system and how to make value added from your sludge after treatment. Our products Int. Flocculants are made by environmental friendly materials which enable environmental sustainability.

We are working closely with our customers and develop the best appropriate water treatment solutions for each particular industry. We realise the actual value from the very beginning problems to zero waste result on behalf of business responsibility. And that positions us to be the leading wastewater treatment solutions for today’s business industry providing social responsiobility. From business value point of view, it would either significantly benefit time and cost efficiency to its manufacturing operation.

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Intraix Pte. Ltd.

Intraix is a Singapore-based company focused in deriving value out of Energy Consumption Data.

The Intraix Home Energy Management Solution makes use of Smart Meters, Smart Plugs and Smart Sensors to provide optimisation modules to reduce Household Energy Consumption. Instead of merely the provision of raw data trends and notification modules which is aimed at sculpting behavioural changes, Intraix provides a comprehensive Energy Management Solutions that provides Actionable Intelligence to our system owners which could allow passive energy savings through automated energy optimization controls provided by our analytical engine.

Data is also fully liberalised for our System Owners in which they possess full ownership of the data they generate and have the ability to make the decision who/which company or agency they would like to market their data. Intraix, in this case will only play the role of Data-Vaulting services and a Data Marketplace Platform for Data Providers and Data Acquirers.

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I-King Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd.

We play the role of solution provider. On the one hand, we wil launch benchmarking products through researching and developing core technology. These products, domestic intelligent robots with land, air and sea components, could realize plenty functions. They could take multi-view pictures in the water, on the land and in the air. And they could fetch the express for their busy masters. They could also avoid obstacles and fly stably in complex environments. We will display the preponderance of our core technology by launching these products to get the profits, and draw the attention of UAV users at the same time. On the other hand, according to the demands of different users, I-King will merge the key technologies and make innovations in order to provide professional UAV solutions for relative industires. So far, we have sought for visible partnerships in highway supervision, agricultural intelligent corps protecion and urban surveying and mapping. And we have customized corresponding solutions for them. It’s also one of the key parts for us to make profits. What’s more, with advanced experience of developing UAV, we are willing to impart our developing methods to the extensive tech enthusiasts. I-King will serve as an education platform with plenty secondary development interfaces for college teachers and students, as well as UAV amateurs.

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