Hachi Tama Inc.

Our product is called “Toletta®” it is a smart IoT cat litter box that has different layers to separate urine and feces for easier and more convenient clean up. This system also ideal for detecting any abnormalities in your cat’s health that may not be directly noticeable, such as Chronic Kidney Disease. Chronic Kidney Disease is an incurable disease that affects 30% of the whole cat population, it is also tone of the leading causes in cat death. Early symptoms of this disease include an increased urine volume and decreased body weight, which toletta can measure simultaneously. We can also distinguish between various cats via our camera/face recognition technology, and all of your specific cat’s information will be available on our app, which makes our product more convenient for those who lead busy lives like those in the workforce or those who have limited energy to take care of their pet, such as the elderly. Our technology is very unique and innovative to the pet industry because we can help provide early detection, which leads to early treatment to one’s cat, which can prolong their lives so that everyone can live a happy cat life.

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Heart Diary

33 million people around the world are suffering from irregular heartbeats and expecting to increase 5 million more annually due to aging population. Thailand and many countries globally are become aged society. Irregular heartbeats increases 5x risk of stroke. By 2021, 1 million out of 13.1 million people of aged population are at risk in Thailand. Early detection of irregular heartbeats or Atrial Fibrillation (“AFib”) can save lives. However, an early detection of AFib is limited due to lack of accessible to affordable devices. Hear Diary intends to solve this problem by providing a remote patient monitoring platform together with disposable patch. So, we can solve the affordability of devices as well as reduce cost of care for patients.

Unique features of Heart Diary is FDA approved ECG patch that is thinner and lighter than all FDA approved patches available on the market. This reduce restrictions that imposed by traditional Holter monitoring. Pay-Per-Screening business model allows care provider to focus on providing service and less worry about procuring the devices.

Heart Diary is interested in providing service to Japanese. We aim to collaborate with Japanese care providers to service 72,754 Japanese in Thailand and extend globally.

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Healtell(Guangzhou) Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.

HealTell, is focus to use mature technology in semiconductor industry, to design, manufacture and build super low cost, micro flow, precise infusion micro-fluidics MEMS pump with self-owned core IP, and apply for Bio-Medical market. We are building the 1st in China and world leading, ultra low cost precise insulin pump patch system, and in the future, it will extend to artificial pancreas, precise drug delivery system, IVF, cell culture and other Bio-Medical applications.

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Hugreen Corp.

After knowing 70 percent of humanity’s water supply goes toward growing plants, Hugreen decided to make plants production more efficient. Hugreen is a modern agriculture company that develops a solution for flower/delicate plants growers, integrating international resources to develop a precise and automated managing system. Automated facilities, irrigation, temperature controller, and lightening systems are controlled by precision agriculture sensors.
A cloud base plant library recommends the optimum conditions for different types of plants. Sensor-database cross comparison system prevents all diseases and pests beforehand by showing the alarm/recommendations to customer’s smart phone. The flexibility, accuracy and price over performance ratio let us receive more than 10000 sets preorders from Australia, north America, and Europe. Hugreen dedicate ourselves to help small farmers also can grow better and save more resources.

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HeSeL is developing applications and solutions of mobile healthcare for patients and their families. Currently our products adapts the concept of PoR (patient owned repository) of PHR (patient health record), and will support EHR (electronic health record) in near future. Using mobile devices, patients can get medical records including medial images from multiple medical facilities and carry them anytime and anywhere. The medical records of patient’ mobile device can be used by physicians for comparison studies. Patients can save money and time due to unnecessary exams and get second opinions from remote specialists. Eventually doctors can make better diagnosis as they refer to prior exams of patient prior medical records.

We encourage peoples to own and maintain medical records for life-long healthy and sensible lives.

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Hygia Sanitation

Hygia Sanitation is a profit-oriented enterprise that aims to improve sanitation for all, by harnessing proprietary technologies offering disruptive onsite waste treatment capabilities. Our primary clients are the over 400 million households in Asia that use sanitation facilities that do not treat sewage, and are situated in either remote rural communities or densely-populated urban communities where conventional centralized wastewater treatment is too costly.

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Health innovation and design limited partnership

The SkillMinute is a platform that solve the problem of two major groups with specific needs. First, the biotech, pharmaceutical and life science companies need to present the product in special interest way.  The companies want to know who is the key doctor who are the main user.  The companies spent a lot of money for finding key doctors because it can help to reduce the cost of the market.   The time to wait for the physician are major cause of lacking in the efficiency. In addition, the company give priority to the attractive presentation because of time limit of doctors meeting. Secondly, the doctors need to know the update reliable information of treatments, medication, surgical technic and also new method of treatment.

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Hong Kong Organic Waste Recycling Centre Limited

Founded in 2012, Hong Kong Organic Waste Recycling Centre Limited (HKOWRC) is the first and leading organic waste recycling company in Hong Kong. HKOWRC’s mission is to integrate R&D, regular recycling service and public education in a holistic and commercially feasible approach. In HKOWRC, several innovative organic waste upcycling products (e.g. animal feed, edible mushroom, and mini-garden kit) have been commercialized and recognized by the public. More than 20 local food production and catering companies have joined our organic waste recycling service, and tons of organic waste is recycled everyday into valuable products via the advanced biotechnology developed locally with the support from Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks and local institutions. Several R&D Projects that recycle organic waste into building materials, fine chemical for fragrance use are still under-going.

Besides our works in recycling and research works, efforts are also devoted to promote the importance on treasury food and foodwaste reduction to the public. Only in 2015, more than 10,000 visitors have come and joined our education tour and workshop that aims at promoting food treasury and food waste reduction. A wholly own product brand “FoodCycle+” is also developed that sells high quality locally grown Veggie to supermarket. The fresh and tasty veggie helps demonstrate the cycle of “Waste to Food” into everyone’s home.

We sincerely hope the participation in Asian Entrepreneurship Award can help HKOWRC build up potential complementary relationship with other Asian’s enterprenuars and produce synergy in environmental protection and R&D sectors.

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