Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh

Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh is a tech-enabled and impact-driven internet restaurant platform that utilizes mobile and web platforms to help existing restaurants drive additional revenues and improve bottom-line. Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh’s business model revolves around a impact-driven cycle, called GKB Network, through which we empower thousands of small food entrepreneurs who are impacted by the changing dynamics of the industry. Through innovative collaborations, 4 key nodes of the network are connected: Our Brands, Restaurant Partners, Delivery Partners, and lastly Customers.

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Ghoonuts Inc.

Densely populated areas and congested conditions are often cited as one of the best examples of the “three densities,” and these conditions must still be avoided from the perspective of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection. However, in order to accurately grasp such information on human positions and density, it is necessary to make preparations for fixed-point observations at the location. In addition, it is also necessary to invest in sensors and cameras in order to understand the situation at the location. Therefore, with existing technologies, in addition to the problem of positioning accuracy, there is also the problem of the human cost of preparation and the cost of investment in equipment.
We will develop a system that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to create a network of smartphones that can acquire 3D location information of people, and we will provide this service.

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Girasol Energy Inc.

Girasol Energy Inc. was founded in February, 2017 based on the power line communication technology invented by Dr. Hideya Ochiai, Associate Professor at the University of Tokyo. The company provides IoT platform for the solar power plants. By using patented power line communication technologies, the company enables the power plant operators to monitor the solar panel modules remotely. Monitoring of solar panel modules is a big problem for the solar power plant operators since the degradation of a single solar panel among hundreds of panels causes significant performance loss of the entire PV system. By installing a simple IoT sensor to each PV(Photovoltaic) panel, power plant operators can gather data from hundreds of sensors over the power line without installing any extra communication lines or additional nodes. Data from IoT sensors are collected at a gateway unit and then sent directly to the cloud platform. By using PPLC system, solar power plant operators can monitor the performance of each panel remotely in real time and can detect the degradation of a PV panel automatically. The maintenance cost of solar power plants will be reduced significantly by using the company’s platform.

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GeneFrontier Corporation

GeneFrontier Corporation (GFC) is a Japanese biotech company, which is one of the group companies of KANEKA Corporation. GFC is focusing on biopharmaceutical R&D support business with innovative products and services especially in the area of protein based biologics including antibodies.

Now, GFC is developing its proprietary technology for R&D of antibody therapeutics, which is a red hot in pharmaceutical industry. As our proprietary product and service, we launched PUREfrex and PUREfrexRD recently. Those are innovative technologies which can contribute to the R&D in pharmaceutical companies developing protein based biologics, such as therapeutic antibodies. It is a simple, fast, easy and effective screening system which can handle highly diversified library. It can remarkably accelerate R&D in pharmaceutical companies.

Our aim is to explore the potential of protein based biologics, and to contribute to the development of innovative therapeutics in healthcare industry through the partnership with pharmaceutical companies.

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Gauss Lasers Technology Co., Ltd

Gauss Lasers manufactures high power next-generation ultrashort pulse laser in Shanghai, China for micromachining. Gauss Lasers develops solutions to picosecond(ps) fiber lasers. The value that Gauss Lasers delivers is the ability to create high power ps fiber laser and dramatically improve the stability and robustness of ultrashort pulse laser for the purpose of making non-contact micromachining more effective. It is committed to providing all-fiber laser solutions to replace traditional solid state laser. The products are competitive in comparison to other premium-quality commercial solid state lasers.
We predict fast growth in the third year with sales exceeding ($USA)
8 million, and we expect profits of ($USA) 4 million. We have positive indicators from current customers that the additional amount of lasers will be sold.

Our keys to success are:
• Unique high power ultrashort pulse all-fiber laser product line.
• Significant investments in research and development and engineering with the aim to focus on fiber laser technologies; and maintaining a strong R & Dteam.
• Effectively communicating, to current and potential customers, our position as a differentiated provider of the highest quality ps fiber lasers in the laser micromachining world.
•Supplying reliable and long term post-sales customer services.

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GISSCO is poised to disrupt the mature industry of die casting, a metal fabrication process in widespread use in a variety of industries. GISSCO offers die casters and parts producers substantial improvements in process time, lower parts rejects, longer die life, and better material properties in finished parts by utilizing a technology called semi-solid metal die casting.

The founder of GISSCO developed this patented technology while at MIT and launched a company four years ago to make it available to manufacturers in Thailand and Asia. To date, GISSCO has retrofitted a number of existing installations and has distribution channels in Thailand, S. Korea, and the US.

GISSCO is seeking like-minded partners who can provide financial resources and industry expertise to help reach new markets in Japan, the rest of Asia, and the rest of the world, and also launch follow-on casting systems which produce optimized die cast parts with a maximum of strength while minimizing material, die wear, and process time. In short, GISSCO will transform die casting, creating better products, with lower energy, lower maintenance. Ultimately, GISSCO envisions a day of 100% reject-free die casting.

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Gimer Medical Co. Ltd.

GiMer Medical produces electrical stimulation systems applied to pain relief of chronic back pain, cancer and carpal tunnel syndrome. Founded in 2013, the company is commercializing novel biomedical engineering research from the National Taiwan University (NTUon the animal responses to electrical stimulation of various parameter. The premier product, GiMer Neuroblock, is an implantable Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) system for the chronic pain management market and the first SCS therapy system developed in Asia. Back pain is one of the most common ailments, next to the common cold. The current SCS market is estimated at $2B globally, and projected to grow significantly with the aging population and significant adoption in Asia. GiMer Medical is one of the top medical device start-ups in Taiwan, and has been awarded the rookie award at the Taiwan Biomedical Show and National Innovation Award for Outstanding Academic Research Spinout. In 2014, its space also was approved as a production facilitye, becoming Taiwan’s first implantable devices facility. The company is positioned to become the leader of Taiwan’s implantable devices market and will lead Asia into the era of neuromodulation treatment.

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Genome Clinic

With the development of massively parallel next-generation sequencing that can analyze DNA samples at ultrahigh speed, the foundation for providing individual genome analysis to the general public at a realistic cost is being established. Databases have also been updated for genetic information on a large number of diseases. Although treatments and prevention methods might exist for a given disease, personal genome decoding can help devise medical interventions in accordance with the disease risk before actual onset of the disease, and thus help realize personalized medicine accordingly . When there are several members with a particular disease, such as cancer or cardiovascular disease, in one’s family, one might often get anxious about his/her own risk of developing that disease. Hiroki Sonehara, medical doctor at Chiba University Hospital, launched the project “Genome Clinic” in March 2017 as an original venture by Chiba University. This project offers a “medical checkup for personal genome,” where medical experts conduct individual genome analysis for prevention and early detection of disease in individuals from such afflicted families. So far, in this project, 59 genes in 27 diseases have been analyzed, for which the American College of Medical Genetics guideline has recommended understanding the risks and unveiling the actionable mutations. In Japan, this is the first attempt to evaluate multiple disease risks by conducting individual genome analyses by next-generation sequencing for general people who have not yet developed the disease some of their family members are afflicted with. The Genome Clinic will continue to conduct research aiming at price reduction for individual genome analysis and accuracy enhancement for disease risk judgement, thus improving analytical methods and social infrastructure for disease management.

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