Examly is an AI powered platform for schools & universities specially designed to teach coding / programming skills. Examly also provides learning contents, practice exercises and assessments required to teach programming courses. Examly helps the underskilled faculty membres in schools / universities to upskill themselves and in-turn use the platform to teach their students. The AI engine of the platform creates a unique learning path for each student and adapts the practice exercises as per his / her understanding of the concepts and slowly guide them to move up the ladder. This data is provided to the faculty membres in real time, who now can guide the class more effectively by concentrating on students who are lagging behind. Examly has an easy to use course authoring tool which aids the faculty membres to add thier own contents & customize the courses. The platform is currently used by 100+ top universities in India including BITS Pilani, VIT University & Chitkara University. In these universities the platform is used inline with their course currículum to teach & assess their students. The platform is currently used by more than 60000+ learners across the country.

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Exergy Power Systems, Inc.

Exergy Power Systems, Inc. is a startup company from the University of Tokyo that provides IoT solutions to flexibly adjust sudden fluctuations of the electricity originated from renewable energy. Electricity generated from solar power and wind power always fluctuates under the influence of clouds and wind. As the proportion of renewable energy increases in the power system, conventional methods of preventing a sudden loss of renewable energy output can no longer be used. The company developed a new way of dealing with sudden fluctuations and provides a solution as a flexibility service. Flexibility services are especially needed in countries and regions that are engaged in energy transition from fossil resources to renewable resources. The company develops and manufactures next-generation energy storage systems which utilize proprietary storage batteries. The company’s storage battery has excellent rapid charge/discharge characteristics and durability, and can stabilize the power system when renewable energies are introduced into the power grid. Currently, MW-class energy storage system demonstration project is underway in Europe and Hawaii.

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Epigno Systems Corporation

Our core product is an AI based operation room (OR) management system for hospitals.
Hospitals have been suffering from degradation of management, declines in quality of life (QOL) for doctors and nurses due to long working hours. Also, because of inefficiencies in the workflow process around OR, we can see an increase in patient waiting time.
Our AI platform can optimize the schedule of surgeries and staff by allocating each intervention to its appropriate time slot, reducing overtime and inherently minimizing the waiting time for the patient.
The reason why we have focused on operating rooms is because 70% of revenues and 40% of hospital’s costs in Japan come from the OR, which means OR are at the centre of hospital’s management.
To our knowledge, there are no companies within Japan that offer a similar product or service. However, IT companies such as Fujitsu, NEC and others, do offer traditional OR management systems. We have adopted a monthly subscription model to our SaaS offering. Already, we have early adopter and a paying customers. As a next step in our strategy, we plan to forge an alliance with a nationwide medical distributor, in order to expand our product all over Japan.

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Extreme Vision Ltd.

With independently developed computer vision analytic algorithm, Extreme Vision extended the function and application of the surveillance system. In the coming future, the surveillance will become cleverer and cleverer, which means it can handle plenty of task done by human being before, such as detecting some actions like robbing and calling for help automatically. Furthermore, not only in Security and Protection field, but also in Business Intelligence field, the surveillance system can provide us useful information.

Through proven technology, Extreme Vision can already help companies to identify data from existing surveillance system, such as total customer number, custom gender, predicted age of customer and so on from existing surveillance video, which allow the company get to know the real-time changing feature of target customers, increase employee performance and forecast sales opportunity, leading the offline company to the new era of big data management.

Our company registered in Macau, and up to now we have nearly 10 employees most of whom come from well-known university such as Peking University. The excellent education background in some way can guarantee the future development of our Company which is in a high-tech industry.

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Eigooo Inc.

English Anytime
During his time abroad in Japan Founder and CEO Peter Rothenberg found that texting his friends in Japanese was great for his language learning but wished his friends corrected him and that his friends would respond more often.
As a linguistics major at UCLA Peter began to study the effects of using text to learn a language and decided to pursue the idea fully, founding Eigooo Inc. in July 2013.
Eigooo is different from traditional classroom methods for teaching English. We do not “teach” English per say, but give students the tools, motivation, and confidence needed to want to learn, use, and enjoy English.

“Empowering Communication Freedom.”
Let’s Eigooo!

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EDP Corporation

Diamond has many excellent characteristics, such as highest hardness, highest thermal conductivity, and transparency of UV to IR etc. Moreover, diamond is the ideal semiconducting material which may be applied in large power devices, promising to save energy for electric vehicle etc. Single crystal diamond can be made by “Vapor deposition methods” and AIST Japan developed the way to fabricate large crystals. EDP was established in order to utilize diamond in various applications as supplying novel single crystals.
The advantage of EDP is the capability to fabricate larger single crystals than ever commercialized. 10x10mm mono-crystal or 25x25mm mosaic crystals are characteristics of EDP and wide variation of their thickness from 0.02mm to 2.5mm may be applied in wide range application field. Facility for mass production was set three years before and the capacity of fabrication has been growing with successfully equity finance up to 5 million dollars.
The policy of EDP is “From starting in conventional market to creating novel market” and this has been kept for five years. Now, EDP is going ahead toward newly developed market with developing leading-edge technology.

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Early Start Co., Ltd

Early Start Co., ltd is designed to provide solutions that help children at very young age from six months old to six years old play and learn. The early-education research indicates that observing and reading skills can be developed among infants or toddlers as their brain is at the stage that allows them to be able to absorb any kind of inputs using the appropriate technologies. With that mission, Monkey Junior is our first reading program that guides parent through the whole process of helping their children to read in fun ways. Our program applies well-done methodologies from different early education researchers in the world such as Glenn Doman (1955), Shichida (1978). Monkey Junior was released in late October on both Google Play and App Store and has been downloaded more than 20,000 times with 150+ positive reviews from all over the world. We are at the final phase of completing the English curriculum and the next version in French, Spanish, Vietnamese will be released in the upcoming couple of months.

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Ecolibrium Energy Pvt Ltd

Ecolibrium Energy provides a wireless, very low cost energy monitoring and optimization solution to Commercial and Industrial Customers, which will help them optimize their energy consumption.

We Provide a Demand Response Platform to the utility and their consumers which enables the power distribution company to reduce their losses by not buying power at spot prices and helps their customers, not only reduce their energy bill but earn at the same time. The same could be invested in expanding the existing distribution network.

This also enables a country to serve people without power.

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