Examly is an AI powered platform for schools & universities specially designed to teach coding / programming skills. Examly also provides learning contents, practice exercises and assessments required to teach programming courses. Examly helps the underskilled faculty membres in schools / universities to upskill themselves and in-turn use the platform to teach their students. The AI engine of the platform creates a unique learning path for each student and adapts the practice exercises as per his / her understanding of the concepts and slowly guide them to move up the ladder. This data is provided to the faculty membres in real time, who now can guide the class more effectively by concentrating on students who are lagging behind. Examly has an easy to use course authoring tool which aids the faculty membres to add thier own contents & customize the courses. The platform is currently used by 100+ top universities in India including BITS Pilani, VIT University & Chitkara University. In these universities the platform is used inline with their course currículum to teach & assess their students. The platform is currently used by more than 60000+ learners across the country.

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Exergy Power Systems, Inc.

Exergy Power Systems, Inc. is a startup company from the University of Tokyo that provides IoT solutions to flexibly adjust sudden fluctuations of the electricity originated from renewable energy. Electricity generated from solar power and wind power always fluctuates under the influence of clouds and wind. As the proportion of renewable energy increases in the power system, conventional methods of preventing a sudden loss of renewable energy output can no longer be used. The company developed a new way of dealing with sudden fluctuations and provides a solution as a flexibility service. Flexibility services are especially needed in countries and regions that are engaged in energy transition from fossil resources to renewable resources. The company develops and manufactures next-generation energy storage systems which utilize proprietary storage batteries. The company’s storage battery has excellent rapid charge/discharge characteristics and durability, and can stabilize the power system when renewable energies are introduced into the power grid. Currently, MW-class energy storage system demonstration project is underway in Europe and Hawaii.

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Worldwide, an estimated 3.6 billion diagnostic medical examinations are performed every year and there’s a severe shortage of radiologists who can interpret these scan. This leads to large influx of patients, understaffed radiology departments, and overworked radiologists.

In cognizance of this demand, we are developing a SAAS based artificial intelligence cloud platform that can reduce delays in diagnosis, facilitate earlier detection of diseases and reduce cost to patients.

We have been in the field of AI for the past 2.5 years, our passion, expertise and potential to impact global health experience has been well received and rewarded by esteemed organisations. We have previously reported the utility of using artificial intelligence in the early diagnosis of lung cancer from CT scans, lung abnormalities from chest x-rays and COVID-19 from CT scans and x-rays.

Our AI algorithm for Lung Nodule detection stood first in India in LUNA-16, an International AI hackathon and is currently being clinically validated at Tata Memorial, largest cancer hospital in India. Our work for covid is recognized by the government of India.

Our cloud infrastructure is supported by NVIDIA and Microsoft. Our technology is generic and can be extended to identify diseases from x-rays, CT, MRI, mammography and other modalities.

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Epigno Systems Corporation

Our core product is an AI based operation room (OR) management system for hospitals.
Hospitals have been suffering from degradation of management, declines in quality of life (QOL) for doctors and nurses due to long working hours. Also, because of inefficiencies in the workflow process around OR, we can see an increase in patient waiting time.
Our AI platform can optimize the schedule of surgeries and staff by allocating each intervention to its appropriate time slot, reducing overtime and inherently minimizing the waiting time for the patient.
The reason why we have focused on operating rooms is because 70% of revenues and 40% of hospital’s costs in Japan come from the OR, which means OR are at the centre of hospital’s management.
To our knowledge, there are no companies within Japan that offer a similar product or service. However, IT companies such as Fujitsu, NEC and others, do offer traditional OR management systems. We have adopted a monthly subscription model to our SaaS offering. Already, we have early adopter and a paying customers. As a next step in our strategy, we plan to forge an alliance with a nationwide medical distributor, in order to expand our product all over Japan.

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ECOPSY Technologies

ECOPSY Technologies proposes a new methodology to design and build HR-tools and HR-management tools using data-driven approach, which is becoming extremely popular these days as all products can be delivered to clients remotely.

• DEEP — Data Enabled Employee Profile. Utilizing mass online survey and modern machine learning methods DEEP supports developing valid and robust competency and value models. This approach helps to drastically increase level of predicting performance with competence model.
• – questionnaire that predicts real-life behavior and current performance (Purpose — assess candidates on their fit with companies’ requirements: their values, competencies and predicted performance
• PIF (Potential in Focus) – company is able to forecast employees’ effectiveness and to select ones with high potential (HiPo’s) with a test, which has been developed in ECOPSY. Companies’ financial results depend on employees for 31%. With Potential in Focus test companies can predict employees’ behavior and efficiency not only now, in current conditions, but in future as well, with unpredictable conditions.
• Echo — system of an automated video interview analysis powered by artificial intelligence. The forecast accuracy is 70–80%. This accuracy allows to filter out 20–35% of candidates with almost zero error.

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Eden Agritech Co., Ltd.

As reported by FAO, 1.3 billion tons of the food produced in the world for human consumption wasted. Out of this large amount, 40 – 50% is root crops, fruits, and vegetables. However, current solutions to prevent produce wastes are inefficient, Eden Agritech, or “Eden,” is founded to help prevent fresh produce from being easily spoiled by using FDA approved solution.

Eden offers the solution to maintain food quality and extend its shelf life up to three times. Our innovative technology is applied to modify the fresh atmosphere to lessen its stress and delay ripening. Eden business model is a business to business (B2B) as a technology provider that generates revenue from its food additive solution selling. The potential preservative market size is USD 567million in South East Asia and USD 8.1 billion globally. Eden will provide free-of-charge product knowledge training services bundling with our product solution selling, and the premium charged an advisory fee for sophisticated advice as post-harvest management and facility management. Eden customers include but are not limited to exporters, suppliers, food processors, and distributors who would like to secure from logistic spoilages in their supply chains.

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Energy Response Co., Ltd.

Despite the fact that machine is automatically controlled in each system, analyzing the whole system and between system is still done manually by analysts and operators. This results in losing on average of 30% of operation costs due to inefficient operation and unplanned downtime. ENRES develops an AIoT platform that connects sensors and machines via IoT to our platform. Then our AI shift in to automatically analyze the inefficiency in the system, visualize and recommend the potential solution that could be done. This helps business see the overall system, understand how the system is running, know the inefficiency and able to take action seamlessly.

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Extreme Vision Ltd.

With independently developed computer vision analytic algorithm, Extreme Vision extended the function and application of the surveillance system. In the coming future, the surveillance will become cleverer and cleverer, which means it can handle plenty of task done by human being before, such as detecting some actions like robbing and calling for help automatically. Furthermore, not only in Security and Protection field, but also in Business Intelligence field, the surveillance system can provide us useful information.

Through proven technology, Extreme Vision can already help companies to identify data from existing surveillance system, such as total customer number, custom gender, predicted age of customer and so on from existing surveillance video, which allow the company get to know the real-time changing feature of target customers, increase employee performance and forecast sales opportunity, leading the offline company to the new era of big data management.

Our company registered in Macau, and up to now we have nearly 10 employees most of whom come from well-known university such as Peking University. The excellent education background in some way can guarantee the future development of our Company which is in a high-tech industry.

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