Deep Signature Ltd.

Deep Signature core team invented and filed international patents for a novel algorithm which is applicable to employ any public blockchain for anti-counterfeiting, product tracing, and advertising purposes. The team successfully developed a software system named Deep Signature, which helps any producer exclusively hash their product’s ID codes and store the hash codes onto a distributed public blockchain as a way of product authentication. Later, consumers can verify the legitimacy of the products through their ID codes on the blockchain. By this way, mass production of counterfeits is impossible while the solution can protect consumers from being cheated into buying counterfeits. Overcoming current anti-counterfeiting solutions based on centralized systems, Deep Signature is much more simple, much more economic, and highly secured. Also differing from other systems, Deep Signature provides producers self-service ability with high control. Producers can activate thousands of anti-counterfeting ID codes for their products per minute within a few simple actions. They themselves also can create and print thousands of anti-counterfeiting labels containing the product ID codes to tag them onto the products easily with the supporting tools developed by Deep Signature.

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Dimensionless Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Human inspection tasks are slow, inefficient and costly. We have developed a set of products namely BaggageAI,CounterfeitAI and SolarAI to automate the tasks making them faster and far more efficient.

BaggageAI automatically detects threat items in the X-Ray scan of Baggages at security checkpoints. Once the baggage passes through the X-Ray baggage scanner, the X-Ray image is generated. This image is processed by BaggageAI software to detect threat items in it and raise alarms for the operator.

CounterfeitAI automatically detects counterfeit/fraudulent electronic items in the e-commerce supply chain.When the package passes through X-Ray baggage scanner the X-Ray image of the package is generated. CounterfietAI figures out the item details of the item being scanned through the database and then compares the X-Ray image of the package with that of the original one.

SolarAI is an AI powered solution that identifies and classify defects in thermal images of solar panels. SolarAI works on the thermal images captured through drones and identifies and classifies type of defect in these images. It also provides the detailed location of defect in the power plan which enables auto-scheduling of the maintenance tasks.

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DotSpace Biomedical Inc.

DotSpace biomedical Inc. devoting their talents to provide of Medical Internet of Thing (MIoT) solutions, integrating hardware, software and database systems, and expanding from clinical intensive care to other clinical monitoring and health examinations. DotSpace biomedical Inc. is a preclinical-stage company taking a targeted approach in the development of realtime wireless intra-abdominal hypertension monitoring system to improve critical intensive care. We are delveloping a capsulized pressure sensor effectively transmit data in monitoring key intra-abdominal pressure and motility believed to be involved in acute pancreatitis, trauma, infection and inflammatory bowel disorders.

Two distinct, first-in-class devices have been developed that precisely detect gastrointestinal physiological changes—with minimal invasive process that has little side effects seen with other methods from this class. DotSpace biomedical Inc. is positioned to deliver a intra-abdominal monitoring system for FDA approval approximately 12 months after program funding, and their intention is to pursue integration in standard intensive care monitoring system.

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Diagnostring Laboratories India Private Limited

At present, India requires better and affordable health care products for aggressive diseases like cancer. Currently, millions of Indian patients do not have access to right health care products, as they are not available in India. Majority of the hospitals in India still depend on the Western technologies that are not accessible.
With the new Make-in-India initiative introduced by our current Prime Minister, Diagnostring Laboratories believed to be a first Indian company to innovate and develop cancer and genomics based health care and diagnostic products.

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DF Automation & Robotics

DF Automation & Robotics Sdn Bhd is one of the leading robotic company in South East Asia. DF designs and manufactures Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV). AGV is an industrial mobile robot that can move autonomously from one point to another and very useful to carry heavy loads. This is very useful for manufacturing industries as they can reduce labor reliance and increase efficiency. The mobile robotics market worldwide is USD$8.58bn in 2016 and expect to grow to US$30bn by 2025. DF envisions to be one of the leading player in industry mobile robot. DF has developed many patent pending products including Zalpha AGV, Titan AGV, Suki AGV as well as our in-house developed software, NavWiz. NavWiz is an easy to use software to program the AGVs and with IoT enabled feature. DF has sold to many MNC companies includes Sony, Toto, Yamaha, Produa, Jabil, Sanmina, Flex, among others and has exported to Singapore, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philipines, Mexico, US and UK.

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DynaOptics’ technology allows an optical zoom camera module to fit inside the footprint of today’s mobile phone – without the bulky protrusion. Not only will consumers love it as it enables better photos and videos in a slim form-factor, phone OEMs will love it as it employs established high-volume manufacturing techniques and off-the-shelf materials. The smart phone camera lens module market alone, is about $10bn in 2015. Other potential markets include consumer electronic devices (wearables, tablets, laptops), surveillance cameras, medical devices, robotics and defense.

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Davao UAS Photography

Large farms are very complex to manage especially from the ground view. The thousands of hectares of farmland make it very challenging to monitor effectively. Inefficiency in operations (irrigation, fertilizer and pesticide targeting, etc.) are hard to address without seeing the big picture. And the big picture may only be seen from a thousand feet above! What they need are insights from a higher perspective! Davao UAS Air Map 3D is just that!

Davao UAS is a company that specializes in the technology of unmanned aerial systems (UAS). With over 12 years of Benedick Java’s RC Airplane building experience, combined with Tjader Regis’ 3 years of UAS design and mission solutions, Davao UAS was commercially formed in 2015 to focus this innovative technology into affordable, practical, real-world applications such as aerial photography & videography, live surveillance, digital 3D topographic mapping, and more.

In the last 2 years, the team behind Davao UAS have provided services to the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), GMA TV, Unifrutti, and various security services. We are also a recognized volunteer of Davao City’s 911 Emergency Response for rapid assessment.

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DRD Biotech (DRD ltd.)

DRD Biotech, R&D company based in Russia, Ulan-Ude city (Buryatia republic).

DRD develop and implements a point-of-care rapid test kits to accelerate and improve the early detection of brain damage. We have a mission to create a simple and affordable solution, requires no technical equipment to accelerate decision support in acute situations such as Stroke management and TBI.

There are two main directions in our pipeline:

  • ・Diagnostic assay for assessment of Ischemic Stroke/TIA
  • ・Diagnostic assay for assessment the severity of concussion.

The key element of our lateral flow immunoassays are brain biomarkers of brain damage peptides and antibodies of NMDA and AMPA glutamate receptors.

There are several areas of implementation for brain damage immunoassays:

  • ・Ambulance and Emergency department (Acute Ischemic Stroke, Strove vs. no Stroke, mTBI)
  • ・Rehabilitation and treatment monitoring (to monitoring efficiency of treatment of chronical ischemic events)
  • ・Neurosurgery and cardiac surgeries (to avoid risk of ischemic events during and after surgical operations)
  • ・Maternity and childbirth (children risk assessment of near-term ischemic events during and after childbirth especially after complicated childbirth)
  • ・Screening people with pre-existing conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, artherosclerosis, smoking, alcohol intake, etc. (To accurately risk assessment and monitoring of preventive therapy)
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