In a similar way to sharing companies like AirBnB help make use of vacant or partially vacant accommodation, we are helping to make use of under-utilised computers. Those computers are everywhere, in the cloud, in bedrooms, offices, all over the world. We provide access to those computers in a way that is simple enough for anyone to use. Effectively, we sell access to computational power, but we own no computers.

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Cavli Wireless

Cavli Wireless is an IoT building block provider, bringing together connectivity, application processing capability and data management into one single platform. Cavli Wireless designs & manufactures industry-grade cellular IoT connectivity and compute modules that enable seamless cellular IoT implementation and faster product deployment different IoT applications worldwide. All of Cavli’s Smart Modules are loaded with global cellular connectivity with the integrated eSIM feature which is powered by our GSMA certified eSIM provisioning system. This ensures that our customers get to enjoy attractive cellular data rates around the world along with hassle-free deployment and subscription management through our proprietary cloud platform – Cavli Hubble. With our GSMA certified Connectivity as a Service platform & native connectivity hardware, we work with telecom operators around the world to facilitate global scale to IoT product makers around the world. Our proprietary stack embedded in the hardware enables it to interact with our connectivity platform monitoring several device performance parameters real-time. This layer of intelligence helps to automate several parameters related to devise performance like remote diagnosis, because of which the manual intervention required is less. We have designed a full suite solution in an industry that has many fragmented players in the value chain.

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Cartosense Pvt Ltd

Cartosense’s vision is to make targeted surgery more precise and accessible. Cartosense has developed the world’s first mobile surgical navigation product – reducing a 200kg capital equipment product constrained to the OT, into a mobile unit that fits into a briefcase. Surgical navigation is technology that tracks the surgeon’s instruments while operating on a patient and provides real-time feedback about the current position and trajectory of an instrument with respect to the patient’s MRI/CT images. This makes it almost like a GPS system for the surgeon – only accurate to the millimetre level.

Our breakthrough product is a result of deep expertise in optics, mathematical modelling, computer vision, graphics, and precision engineering. In upcoming improvements to our platform, we are advancing the state of precision surgery through AR/VR and robotics.
Surgical navigation is currently an already established $900M market globally, of which the developed world is a $600M market and the developing world is a high growth $300M market. With increasing penetration in spine and orthopedic surgery and adoption in new applications within ENT, dental surgery, the global surgical navigation market is expected to become a $3B+ market in the next decade. Our technology aims to democratize surgical navigation by accelerating penetration in emerging markets and developing new clinical and business use cases through reverse innovation in the developed markets.

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Craft Health Pte Ltd

At Craft Health, we are building a platform for 3D printed personalized healthcare. Possible applications include personalized nutrition, decentralized clinical trials, personalized medicine, and 3D printing for orphan drugs.

Since we launched in May 2019, we have:

Hardware: In-house developed 3D printer specialized for nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals. Our 3D printer is designed for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and the 3D printing process does not involve heat or ultraviolet (UV) curing, enabling a wide range of active ingredients to be used.
Software: 3D printing software
3D printable formulations: A series of proprietary 3D printable formulations for different controlled released profiles (Immediate/sustained/delayed release) that can be combined in a single 3D printed tablet.
Specialty products: Patent pending 3D printed capsule that converts once daily dosing to once weekly.

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Robotic dexterity falls far short of human ability due to inadequate tactile sensing in the gripper fingers. This prevents the use of robotics in unstructured environments in many industries to alleviate job shortages and open new markets. Contactile gives robots a human sense of touch and enables robotic dexterity. Our tactile sensor array measures 3D deflection, force and vibration at each array element, and torque, incipient slip and friction. With our sensors, a robotic gripper can grasp any object with optimal grip force, regardless of object weight, size, and friction – simply through real-time tactile feedback.

There are endless applications of dexterous robotic gripping systems: in the food value chain; manufacturing; e-commerce fullfilment; prosthetics; surgical robotics; and space. Our three channels to market give us enormous reach into almost every conceivable application of robotic manipulation: 1) sales to robotics integrators who develop custom automation solutions; 2) sales to researchers who are developing next generation robotics solutions; and 3) channel partnerships with multinational robotics manufacturers.

Our founders are engineers with extensive experience in research, project management and securing funding. We have worked together for 4+ years on the invention and R&D behind our sensor product and we are passionate about revolutionising robotics!

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Modular robotics is one of the most complex areas of robotics. Each added element allows new movements. Normally such robot stays in research labs, in places like MIT and Carnegie Mellon. We invented CellRobot which gives access to such cutting edge technology to non-specialists.
Cellrobot is the first complete consumer modular robotics kit which can be assembled in hundreds of different combinations to perform any task. Traditional Lego liked robots has thousands of building blocks, it’s takes hours for a child to build one robot, it’s really hard for them to create. CellRobot system replace these blocks with one smart and powerful Cell. Bring a perfect platform for children to create.

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Chronoptics Limited

We create and integrate 3D depth sensing technology. 3D cameras are enabling new intelligent products across a spectrum of markets from automotive, robotics, industrial automation, consumer electronics and security. We are masters in time-of-flight depth sensing and bridge the gap from pixel to point cloud, expertly tailoring fit-for-purpose 3D solutions for our partners. We partner with silicon technology developers leveraging our 20+ patent portfolio to generate licensing revenues and work alongside customers to integrate tailored 3D camera solutions into their products.

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Care Mentor AI

Care Mentor AI – developer of the Computer Vision Systems for Analysis of Radiology Diagnostics.
Founded in 2018 with the ultimate goal of reducing the number of medical errors, improving diagnostic quality in general and extending life expectancy.
We create product to help Doctors to make diagnostic faster and with higher accuracy.
We have the next products which already have been probated in Russian clinics:
Screening for Pathologies on Chest Xray
Covid-19 detection on CT
As well as other products, as screening of Xray Brest on oncology and CT Oncology detection, are on the final stage of development.
All our products get Scientific publications and clinical tests to proof quality and accuracy.

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