BioCheetah Pte Ltd

BioCheetah Pte Ltd (Co. Reg. No. 201803287H) is a Singapore-based, A*STAR-IMCB spin-off diagnostics company. It is primarily set up to develop and commercialize non-invasive, protein-based diagnostic applications. First diagnostic applications in development are based on the proprietary bladder cancer biomarkers and detection antibodies discovered and developed in IMCB by BioCheetah’s Scientific Founder (Prof. Jean-Paul Thiery) and the co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer (Dr. Kian-Chung Lee). Both Intellectual Property of bladder cancer biomarkers and detection antibodies are licensed from A*STAR. Products to be developed include professional use in-vitro diagnostic ELISA and Point-of-care test (POCT) kits. The kits will employ a novel multiplex urine-based biomarkers panel with high sensitivity and specificity for diagnosis and monitoring of bladder cancer. BioCheetah’s target markets are to encompass local and overseas public and private healthcare providers. BioCheetah is in the midst of building an ISO 13485 production facility at Block 79, JTC LaunchPad in Singapore, setting up its Quality Management System (QMS) for the purpose of development and manufacturing of its diagnostic products as well as in discussion with SingHealth and overseas hospitals for clinical validation of the to-be-developed bladder cancer diagnostic products.

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Biomass Lab

Paper waste sludge (PWS) is merely a waste of paper industry. PWS contains a large content of pulp cellulose but almost cannot find any valuable application. Without appropriate treatment, PWS cannot be disposed to the environment because it can be bio-dicomposed and fermented that makes ordor smell and organic polution. In our solution, PWS is hydrolyzed with a small amount of acid, then fermented to form thick layers of bacterial cellulose (BC). BC can be collected easily from the fermentation mixture. This is a valuable materials that can be applied for many applications, such as in bio-material synthesis, medical, water treatment processes, packaging, fashion, etc. Some well-known superior properties of BC are biodegradable, good mechanically durable, high biocompatible, non-toxic, etc. To illustrate a potential usage of BC from PWS, we partially hydrolyzed it to obtain nano crystal cellulose (CNC), which is currently known as the most advanced bio-material in the world. CNC is stronger than steel, lighter than wood, transparent film formable, biodegrable, non-toxic, etc. Basic analysis confirmed the feasibility. Although Biomass is in early stage, we already have customers like Anbinh paper industry and Mitsui Chemicals Qroup.

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Brain Beat, Ltd

The Brain Beat Glucometer (BBG) is the blood glucose non-invasive self-monitoring device for Diabetes Mellitus sufferers. Unlike the traditional methods of monitoring blood glucose, BBG causes absolutely no pain or discomfort to the user and will immeasurably improve the quality of life of diabetic patients. It also offers significant cost savings by eliminating the need for expensive consumables, which cost the average diabetic approximately €3,118 per annum.
Brain Beat team has over 50 years cumulated research experience in the fields of biophysics, high performance computing and medicine, and over 32 years experience creating, growing and managing successful start-ups and companies in biotech industry. The company has developed a pre-production prototype and holds negotiations with large medical device manufacturers on licensing the technology to them for manufacturing and distribution of the device through their own established networks. Discussions are underway with potential key stakeholders such as LifeScan, Abbott and LG.

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Biogenes Technologies Sdn Bhd (Biogenes) is a Malaysian-based startup company founded in 2015. Biogenes developed aptamer-based biosensor technologies and solutions in rapid test devices in molecular diagnostics for disease testing. Biogenes’ rapid test devices are designed to serve customers from various sectors ranging from healthcare, animal breeding, aquaculture, agriculture and environmental monitoring.

In the wave of the current global pandemic, Biogenes has developed a rapid antigen test kit called COVIDSENSETM with real-time digital communication capabilities to provide location and data to the users and medical stakeholders. This test kit is able to conduct fast and efficient testing utilizing the proprietary aptamer-based technologies developed by Biogenes to detect the presence of COVID-19 Virus (SARS-COV-2) with both high selectivity and sensitivity. Biogenes unique deep tech platform allows Biogenes to add more infectious disease including MERS, SARS, TB, and other communicable and non-communicable diseases in human, animals and plants. Biogenes aims to build a library of tests which includes diseases in This will enable Biogenes to overcome the current pandemic while laying the ground work for future growth into the diagnostic sector. Biogenes wants to build simple, easily scalable and user-friendly tests for now and the future. This will be in line with Biogenes’ tagline ‘Diagnostics Simplified’

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Beijing Spark Eyewear Co., Ltd.

Spark Eyewear’s VISFIT technology is the world’s first solution which provides real time face scan, custom eyewear design and digital manufacturing. VISFIT extracts facial features using deep learning vision technology, and accordingly generates an optimal custom eyewear using a proprietary parametric eyewear computing engine, which is vision-centered and provides the best fitting experience. The custom eyewear is 3D printed on Visfit 3D printing cloud and post-processed with fine finishing technics, which offers a unique optometric and wearing experience.

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Brain Pool Tech Private Limited

The global drone market was valued at USD 18.11 Bn in 2018 with a CAGR of 19.90% and is expected to reach 88.57 Bn by the end of 2027. While hardware companies continue to improve drone technology, drone service providers are creating solutions that provide an excellent return on investment. However the next five years will be about leveraging drone data to integrate, automate, and communicate multiple streams of data. Our team has the know-how to inform about the human and environmental factors in large workplaces. As drone hardware advances, more industries will bring this technology in-house reducing the need for service providers. Our technology bridges this transition by fusing the physical and digital to address present needs for a reformation of the work place.

Our platform as a service provides and integrates 2D maps and 3D digital twins of large spaces, real time tracking and various sensors, to address fast and slow disasters and their surrounding industries including insurance, real estate, construction, and renewable energy. Our software aims to change the way these industries communicate across stakeholders, allocate resources, and think about safety protocols. Our product can be thought of as workplace building blocks for the ‘new normal’.

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Bach Khoa Ha Noi Investment and Technology Development One Member Limited Company

The fossil energy sources like oil and coal are running out and finding new sources of energy have a high efficiency is difficult, then the energy saving is considered as one of the effective solutions to help humanity avoid an energy crisis that may occur in the near future. For reasons as stated above, we are interested in the research and development of energy-saving glass (Low-E glass) for applications in the construction. Currently in Vietnam market, saving glass products are mainly imported from developed countries, their high cost. We are researching and developing products using nano transparent conductive oxide (TCO), with simple technology, low cost for widely using in Vietnam. The advantage of TCO materials is highly transparent with visible light and high reflectance with infrared light; hence they are useful for applications in low-E glass.
The successful development of energy-saving glass with low cost will save electricity for running air conditioner and reduce the environmental pollution caused by fossil energy.

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BK Contech

Nowadays, it is the trend of using reasonable resources, saving energy, protecting and friendly with environment. Thus, science and innovation in all producing areas, as well as in producing lighting equipments must accordingly to the common trends. World leading companies are now applying new science and technologies in producing products with smaller sizes, less resorces, but higher efficiency, longer life and specially using new ligh resorces such as LED – Light Emitting Diodes.

LED has been known as a future lighting, blue lighting and friendly with environment. With the advantage in high efficiency and long life, saving electric, colourful, non quicksilver, LED is now considering as lighting to replace traditional products, as efficient methods in saving and efficient energy. LED technology is making deeply changes in lighting industry by widening areas using artificial lighting which help people more enjoyable their lives and applying LED Panel is typically.

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