Algal Bio Co., Ltd.

Algal Bio Co., Ltd., a biotech startup, was established in March 2018 based upon 20 years of research results at the University of Tokyo. We possess around 3000 algae strains.These algae strains produce naturally occurring functional substances such as carotenoids, long chain unsaturated fatty acids , protein and oils. In addition to the strains isolated from the environment, these algae strains include strains obtained by mutation breeding with heavy ion-beam irradiation. The need for biologically-derived functional substances is increasing globally due to consumer health and natural orientation, the avoidance of genetic modification, and various regulations on chemically synthesized substances. Our algae strain does not use genetic recombination technology, so it can meet a wide range of needs. We can provide functional substance, functional foods (health foods and supplements), cosmetics, functional beverages, natural additives, medicines and biofuels, etc.

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Aware Group was incorporated as a Data and AI company in September 2016. The company bootstrapped from the beginning using services revenue to grow the team and provide funds for developing products. There are now over 20 staff in New Zealand with teams growing in the United States and Singapore.

Aware Group has created deep ties with industry partners such as Microsoft (at the global level), to gain access to large customers across the world. These networks are especially important for Aware Group to understand the industry, but also to build a channel to sell products. Aware Group released its first Software-as-a-Service product, Aware Cognitive Platform (ACP) in 2019 and these networks have been invaluable.

ACP enables customers to rapidly deploy and realise the value of AI in their business. Aware Group have built several ACP Modules to support customer scenarios including (but not limited to) People Counting, Automated Number Plate Recognition and Audio Classification. Aware Group have run a number of pilots of the technology and are going through commercials for production deployments right now.

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Acumen Research Labs

Acumen has developed AcuSeptTM — a novel, blood-based Sepsis Host Response test using sepsis-specific mRNA biomarkers — that can assist the doctos to detect sepsis in patients in 4-5 hrs, earlier and more accurately than current methods.

Intended Use:
AcuSeptTM generates diagnostic scores which fall in the range of either above or below a validated threshold level that determines the risk of sepsis. AcuSeptTM results are to be used in conjunction with clinical assessments and other laboratory findings as an aid to identify patients with low or high risk of infection and sepsis.

Clinical Utility:
・To differentiate patients with and without infection
・To differentiate patients with and without sepsis
・Can identify sepsis early

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Advent Access Pte Ltd

Advent Access is a medical technology startup focused on end-stage renal disease management. A Stanford StartX company and spin-off from A*STAR, Advent’s mission is to pioneer innovations to significantly reduce dialysis cost and restore quality of life for kidney failure patients. The company’s first product is the av-Guardian™ – an award-winning implant technology that aims to improve vascular access reliability, enable less-painful self-cannulation and, in the long run, potentially reduce vascular access related hospitalizations. The av-Guardian™ forms a key component of Advent Access’ dialysis-machine agnostic platform to empower patients to perform hemodialysis independently, safely and more affordably – at home or in novel care environments.
For more information on Advent Access, please visit

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ALI Co., Ltd.

At Artificial Language Intelligence (ALI) Co., Ltd., we offer text summarization and chatbot solutions through deep learning based natural language processing technology. As our main product, abstractive text summarization solution provides important and concise information to the users from long texts for an easy understanding of the content. Our solution is implemented by using the state-of-the-art deep learning techniques to generate new and abstract sentences. It summarizes the content of an entire input document. Creating an abstractive summary provides a natural way to understand the given document compared to the traditional extraction based summarization that retrieves some important sentences from the input document. Similarly, our chat-bot solution using deep learning techniques, generate responses through contextual understanding.
Understanding the context allows our chat-bot to generate appropriate dialogue responses considering the conversations and dialogue history.
– The goal of the aforementioned products is mainly to provide a solution to call center services, where

① the counselors can reduce their workload,
② customers can get faster service,
③ executive members can design better service or solution with the summarizing report from customers’ complains, and also
④ the companies can save on labor costs.

We are also preparing an app service for individual customers where it can automatically summarize the conversation history for the users for easier and better understanding, which generates an automatic meeting minute.

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AcroViz Inc.

AcroViz develops novel imaging biomarkers for brain health, in an effort to prolong human health span and aims to end dementia with state-ofart technologies. Comprising of members who were research fellows at eminent academia and experienced industrial professionals, our team are devoted to advance scientific research, its clinical significance and application, as well as commercialization of our technologies to achieve extended impact. Our first product: AcroViz Axonal Brain Age – Brain Health Report, is the first to the market, adopting diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Machine Learning techniques to provide accurate and objective brain health assessment, which can serve as a Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) marker in predicting the risk and prognosis of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). AcroViz aims to end dementia with advanced neuroimaging technologies, currently working with medical or health-care institutions, and pharma or medical device companies, on various clinical trials to validate the effectiveness of intervention on MCI patients.

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AusAir Essentials

AusAir Essentials has created the world’s first anti-pollution mask with unique health benefits. Our mask is comprised of two components, a stylish reusable outer skin, and replaceable woollen filters. The reusable component of the mask comes in a range of different designer patterns and block colours, making our mask not only functional, but fashionable. Our filter range is called ‘Air+’ as each filter contains an organic plant compound, benefiting the user’s health. We have three filters in our botanical range: ‘Tea Tree Skin’, ‘Eucalyptus Clear’, and ‘Lavender Serenity’. We also have the option for a blank filter. Our mask not only solves the problem of air pollution, but goes beyond by solving both the problems present in current mask designs, as well as health and wellbeing problems. Our mask will address the pollution problems by meeting Australia and New Zealand respiratory protection standards (AS/NZS 1716). This means it filters out 94% of particulate matter between 0.02 to 2 microns, providing an extremely high level of respiratory protection to the user.

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Abivin provides intelligent software for enterprises. Our team includes the world’s top algorithmic engineers, alumni of top universities around the world and global tech companies (Cambridge, Google). Our core strength is big data analytic, AI, IoT, smart algorithms and optimization. We develop Abivin vRoute, an AI-powered Logistics Optimization Solution with proprietary route optimization algorithm, helping customers like P&G, FrieslandCampina, A.O.Smith, Habeco, KOSPA Logistics save 30% logistics costs, increase productivity, digitize end-to-end delivery process, and improve management efficiency. Combining distinctive features of an Inventory Management, Transport Management and Route Optimization software, it is the most comprehensive platform for every logistics function.

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