Forming an ecosystem of innovation in Asia
Entrepreneurs, who tackle various issues in the world, give rise to new economic activities, they are the source of the creation of industries and employment, and are regarded as the essence of innovation around the world.AEA is an innovation award which aims to establish an ecosystem of innovative creation in Asia through cooperation of industry, government, and academia. It focuses on Asia where growth is conspicuous and seeks to attract young entrepreneurs who skillfully utilize their intelligence and skills along with major private enterprises and start-up supporters.

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A city of innovation where people gather from around the world

The Kashiwa-no-ha Campus area has developed as a problem-solving smart city in order to solve various problems—about the environment, energy, food, and health—a step ahead of the rest of the world. With a university, incubation facilities, and residences next to each other around the train station, the city is pursuing the creation of a new industrial culture through cooperation of the public, the private, and academia. Their journey has attracted attention from around the world.


Opening an AI center and an R&D area

Research institutes such as the top universities in Japan and the National Cancer Center can be found along the Tsukuba Express line which connects Central Tokyo to Kashiwa-no-ha Campus. Furthermore, the largest AI center in Japan is scheduled for completion in the future.


Over 350 organizations visit from overseas

Every year about 350 organizations, approximately 15,000 people, visit Kashiwa-no-ha Campus Station. Kashiwa-no-ha has a smart city tour, where people can experience features of cutting-edge urban development such as KOIL(Kashiwa-no-ha Open Innovation Lab), the largest coworking space in Tokyo, energy management systems, and comprehensive health facilities.

About KOIL(Kashiwa-no-ha Open Innovation Lab)


Gathering people from over 40 nations at the international exchange share house

At Kashiwa-no-ha Campus Station, where exchange students and researchers gather from various countries around the world, there is an international exchange-type share house called "Kashiwa-no-ha International Village(KIV)" which has people from over approximately 40 nations. At the Kashiwa-no-ha Campus area, innovation is created in an open-style community where intelligence and creativity freely flow between people from around the world.

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Hosting international conferences with more than 100 people over 15 times

Near the station is Kashiwa-no-ha Conference Center which can accommodate up to 400 people. In addition to having various conferences rooms that are both large and small, because there is a hotel adjacent to the conference center, it has been selected as the location to hold international conferences such as the AEA, academic conferences, and symposiums.

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