AEA2014 ASIAN ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARD 2014 Innovation Award for Young Entrepreneurs to Compete For Global Change

AEA2014 Award Winners

AEA2014 Award Winners


AgIC, Inc.

Shinya Shimizu / CEO

AgIC Inc. provides solutions to make circuit boards more accessible. We developed technology to turn off-the-shelf home inkjet printers into circuit board printers and developed conductive ink pens. Those solutions led us to raise $80,000 from 900 people in Kickstarter during March 2014. Utilizing our circuit prototyping tools, we are enabling people to make and use circuit boards in easier, faster, and affordable manner, as 3D printers have changed prototyping for 3D objects.

Nomination Committee Member

Katsuya Hasegawa

Project Professor / The University of Tokyo

Katsuya HASEGAWA has been a Project Professor at the University of Tokyo since 2009. He started his professional career as an LSI engineer at Panasonic in 1982. He became one of the founding members of Panasonic Ventures, a corporate VC arm of Panasonic in Silicon Valley in 1996. He left Panasonic in 2002 and became Managing Director of Venture Connection, LLC until he joined Waseda University in 2005 as a professor. He holds a BS and an MS in Applied Physics from the University of Tokyo. He was a visiting scholar at Stanford University between 1990 and 1992.

Renewable energy

AK Surya PowerMagic Pvt. Ltd.

Karthic Ravindranath / CEO

We are technology based renewable energy company with a focus on developing high efficiency, cost effective & sustainable irrigation solutions for the farming community. We empower the farming community to take up irrigation independent of the grid, at any location with adequate insolation and access to a reliable water source. We have created a sustainable ecosystem including farmers, technology providers, Banks and large agro-based corporates - to facilitate mass adoption of our solution. This ultimately helps bring more land under cultivation and thereby directly benefiting all stakeholders involved.

Nomination Committee Member

Suresh Kumar Kumaralingam

General Manager / PSG-Science & Technology Entrepreneurial Park (STEP) PSG College of Technology

Dr Suresh Kumar started his career in Coimbatore, in a Textile Machinery Manufacturing company, after which he joined PSG-Science & Technology Entrepreneurial Park (PSG-STEP) – The Technology Busines Incubator (TBI) associated with PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, India with the foucs to support start-ups in the areas of informtion technology, electronics and mechanical. He has been a part of establishing the incubation facility and building its brand to the stakeholders of entrepreneurship in the institute and in the region.
More than a decade, he has been responsible for managing the incubation facility, handholding start-ups, managing the seed fund support system, coordinating the Outreach Centre activities for promoting innovations and identifying & executing the consulting assignments.
He handles the Secretariat of Asia Pacific Incubation Network (APIN) – an initiative supported by infoDev, World Bank & Department of Science & Technology, Government of India. The network has about 106 incubators as members across 20 countries. Under APIN, he organizes capacity building programms and workshops for the business incubation managers across the asia pacific region.
He is certified as Business Incubaton Trainer by infoDev, The World Bank Group and a mentor in the National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN).
He had participated in various international programs/workshops held at USA, Australia, China, Finland, Brazil, South Africa, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand.

Suresh Kumar holds a engineering degree in Mechanical and a PhD in Management.

Investment and Technology Development

Bach Khoa Ha Noi Investment and Technology Development One Member Limited Company

Nguyen Trung Dung / General Director

The fossil energy sources like oil and coal are running out and finding new sources of energy have a high efficiency is difficult, then the energy saving is considered as one of the effective solutions to help humanity avoid an energy crisis that may occur in the near future. For reasons as stated above, we are interested in the research and development of energy-saving glass (Low-E glass) for applications in the construction. Currently in Vietnam market, saving glass products are mainly imported from developed countries, their high cost. We are researching and developing products using nano transparent conductive oxide (TCO), with simple technology, low cost for widely using in Vietnam. The advantage of TCO materials is highly transparent with visible light and high reflectance with infrared light; hence they are useful for applications in low-E glass.
The successful development of energy-saving glass with low cost will save electricity for running air conditioner and reduce the environmental pollution caused by fossil energy.

Nomination Committee Member

Thuy Thu Nguyen

Assoc.Prof. Dean of Faculty of Business Administration / Foreign Trade University, Vietnam

Assoc.Prof.Dr. NGUYEN THU THUY is Dean of Faculty of Business Administration, Head of Financial Management Division, Faculty of Business Administration, Foreign Trade University (Hanoi, Vietnam). Dr. Thuy got her PhD in Finance from Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University, Rotterdam, the Netherlands). Dr. Thuy is associate professor of economics and finance, giving lectures on Corporate Finance, Managerial Finance, Investment Management & Analysis, Problems in Financial Management, Project Management, Integrated Business, and Business Analysis... at both graduate and undergraduate levels. She is a visiting professor at various universities around Vietnam, including Vietnam National University, CFVG, and others. She is trainer and consultant of financial issues for various groups and corporations in Vietnam, e.g., PVFC, GAET, Viettel… Dr. Thuy also acts as local consultant for various educational capacity-building projects of Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training (BCEP, TBS2, HEP2). Dr. Thuy has published extensively in academic journals, both locally and internationally. She has also presented her research in various international conferences, including EFA, FMA and EFMA. Dr.Thuy’s research interests include empirical corporate finance, capital structure, risk management, venture capital, economic growth and finance, international finance, emerging markets, private economic sector development.

Health Care

CV Wohlstand Indonesia

Ardiansah Febriantoko / Director

CV Wohlstand Indonesia is established and founded 2012. The big idea comes from the need on healthy sweetener from a business partner in USA and Canada. Mr. Ardiansah as the founder of CV Wohlstand Indonesia realize big opportunity comes. CV Wohsltand Indonesia producing organic granulated coconut palm sugar. The need on our coconut palm sugar increasing each month, and it makes us realize to focusing our product development on diabetic solution. Diabetic is one of the biggest problems in the earth at the moment. Based on WHO data, more than 340 million people get diabetic in 2013, and increase each year. It’s very huge market and very big opportunity.
In our second year (2013), we are launching our new product named “healthysweet”. Healthysweet is a functional sweetener which is has hypoglicemic effect. Healthysweet can help diabetic patients to decrease their blood sugar level. Healthysweet is one of our solution for diabetic, and another product for diabetic solution will coming soon as our vision to be best partner solution for diabetic.

Nomination Committee Member

Totok Hari Wibowo

Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia

Since recently, Totok Hari Wibowo is in charge with investment promotion, within which the formation of innovative SME remains high in the agenda. Prior to his involvement with the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, he was member of the National Team for Technopreneurship Development and Chief Engineer for the implementation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Innovation Centre (SMEIC) that reports to the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs. At the same time, he is also Senior Researcher and Deputy Assistant for Technology Policy Assessment at the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology. Being Senior Researcher at the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology, he has directed major policy advisory and research teams, most on aspects of setting up SMEIC and action plan for technology diffusion. In distant past, He has been working on the set up of the development strategy for 13 Eastern Provinces of Indonesia, especially in the formation of economic development clusters and transition from a controlled to a market economy. He has been working in the Netherlands, Japan, and Indonesia.

EDP Corporation


EDP Corporation

Naoji Fujimori / President

Diamond has many excellent characteristics, such as highest hardness, highest thermal conductivity, and transparency of UV to IR etc. Moreover, diamond is the ideal semiconducting material which may be applied in large power devices, promising to save energy for electric vehicle etc. Single crystal diamond can be made by “Vapor deposition methods” and AIST Japan developed the way to fabricate large crystals. EDP was established in order to utilize diamond in various applications as supplying novel single crystals.
The advantage of EDP is the capability to fabricate larger single crystals than ever commercialized. 10x10mm mono-crystal or 25x25mm mosaic crystals are characteristics of EDP and wide variation of their thickness from 0.02mm to 2.5mm may be applied in wide range application field. Facility for mass production was set three years before and the capacity of fabrication has been growing with successfully equity finance up to 5 million dollars.
The policy of EDP is “From starting in conventional market to creating novel market” and this has been kept for five years. Now, EDP is going ahead toward newly developed market with developing leading-edge technology.

Nomination Committee Member

Masaru Murai

Executive Advisor / TX Entrepreneur Partners General Incorporated Association

Mr. Murai is the Founder and Executive Advisor of TX Entrepreneur Partners. He joined IBM corp. after receiving his MBA from UCLA Graduate School of Business. He led development team of Japan’s first on-line banking system in ‘60s. Later, he was a general manager for Communication Products and Services at IBM Japan, Ltd. In 1991, he founded Compaq Computer Japan and assumed the presidency, later becoming its chairman. During his time at Compaq, Mr. Murai chaired the Foreign Information Industry Forum and was a governor of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan. He has helped to launch more than 10 start-ups in Japan and abroad, and served as an outside director or advisor of listed companies. Mr. Murai was the first chairman of the Review Committee for Entrepreneur of the Year Japan.

IT (EduTech)

Eigooo Inc.

Peter Rothenberg / Chief Executive Officer

English Anytime
During his time abroad in Japan Founder and CEO Peter Rothenberg found that texting his friends in Japanese was great for his language learning but wished his friends corrected him and that his friends would respond more often.
As a linguistics major at UCLA Peter began to study the effects of using text to learn a language and decided to pursue the idea fully, founding Eigooo Inc. in July 2013.
Eigooo is different from traditional classroom methods for teaching English. We do not “teach” English per say, but give students the tools, motivation, and confidence needed to want to learn, use, and enjoy English.

“Empowering Communication Freedom.”
Let’s Eigooo!

Nomination Committee Member

Kengo Ito

Chief Accelerator / MOVIDA JAPAN Inc.

Kengo began his career at Mitsui & Co., in the IT and Electronics sector and later worked for its subsidiary company Mitsui Comtek Corp. in Silicon Valley.
During his years in Silicon Valley, he held roles in investment to startups, and development of new business.
After returning to Japan, he was involved in Internet related businesses and investments; eventually joining one of the portfolio companies as CEO.
After experiencing management of startup company, Kengo decided to create the Silicon Valley of the East, focusing on Japan and East Asia.
Joining forces with similarly minded Taizo Son, Kengo currently heads MOVIDA JAPAN's Seed Acceleration Program.
Kengo has Bachelor and Master degree in engineering from the University of Tokyo.

Computer Vision and Information Technology

Extreme Vision Ltd.

Chan Kit Chan / CEO

With independently developed computer vision analytic algorithm, Extreme Vision extended the function and application of the surveillance system. In the coming future, the surveillance will become cleverer and cleverer, which means it can handle plenty of task done by human being before, such as detecting some actions like robbing and calling for help automatically. Furthermore, not only in Security and Protection field, but also in Business Intelligence field, the surveillance system can provide us useful information.

Through proven technology, Extreme Vision can already help companies to identify data from existing surveillance system, such as total customer number, custom gender, predicted age of customer and so on from existing surveillance video, which allow the company get to know the real-time changing feature of target customers, increase employee performance and forecast sales opportunity, leading the offline company to the new era of big data management.

Our company registered in Macau, and up to now we have nearly 10 employees most of whom come from well-known university such as Peking University. The excellent education background in some way can guarantee the future development of our Company which is in a high-tech industry.

Nomination Committee Member

Guan Huang

Acting Director / Academic & Entrepreneur Department of Youth League of PKU, China

Huang Guan is the current minister of The Academia and Entrepreneur Department of the Communist Youth League Committee of Peking University, responsible for students’ extra-curricular academic research, entrepreneur and innovation education and producing-teaching-researching programs. He has received a bachelor’s degree in Science from the Department of Information Management at Peking University and currently is a master’s candidate in the School of Economics.

Metal Forming


Jessada Wannasin / Co-Founder

GISSCO is poised to disrupt the mature industry of die casting, a metal fabrication process in widespread use in a variety of industries. GISSCO offers die casters and parts producers substantial improvements in process time, lower parts rejects, longer die life, and better material properties in finished parts by utilizing a technology called semi-solid metal die casting.

The founder of GISSCO developed this patented technology while at MIT and launched a company four years ago to make it available to manufacturers in Thailand and Asia. To date, GISSCO has retrofitted a number of existing installations and has distribution channels in Thailand, S. Korea, and the US.

GISSCO is seeking like-minded partners who can provide financial resources and industry expertise to help reach new markets in Japan, the rest of Asia, and the rest of the world, and also launch follow-on casting systems which produce optimized die cast parts with a maximum of strength while minimizing material, die wear, and process time. In short, GISSCO will transform die casting, creating better products, with lower energy, lower maintenance. Ultimately, GISSCO envisions a day of 100% reject-free die casting.

Nomination Committee Member

Nattakrit Wu

Committee Member / IMBA-Thamassat Business School

With extensive experiences in sales and marketing, I was driven by the opportunity to be a startup entrepreneur. I found Fu-Yih Enterprise Co., Ltd. In 2007, engaged in manufacturing and distributing waterproof PVC canvas and a series of new ventures on their ways. I am also directly involved with MetaMo, an incubuation and accelerator program in southeast Asia and the IMBA program at Thammasat Business School, promoting and creating the region's very own breed of entrepreneurs,

R&D Manufacturing

Kyoto Materials Co., Ltd.

Masato Yamashita / CEO

Kyoto Materials Co., Ltd. is directed to develop various university researches especially from the field of materials science to a more extensive field, then advancing and marketing it to applicable technology in service.
Now two pillars, Departments of Precise Materials and Environmental Materials, of Kyoto Materials have begun to work and already given an effect. DPM can supply precise mold technique for manufacturing hard materials. On the other hand, extension of life of social capital such as steel structures, bridges and energy facilities, is becoming realized by corrosion control technology of DEM. For instance, corrosion control coatings, wear resistant materials, special surface modification, are our typical high performance materials.
We hope that our further innovation and business development can continue evolving so that the richness of life is given in the global society.

Nomination Committee Member

Makoto Sarata

Assistant Manager of New Enterprise Promotion Div. / Advanced Scientific Technology & Management Research Institute of KYOTO (ASTEM), Japan

Planer and Organizer of business model design education and social fields of innovation (through making relationship between “Japanese culture and technology” and “people’s smiles and appreciations”) in Kyoto.

Crowd Knowledge Brokerage

MobiusBobs Inc.

James Shen / CEO

Knowledge is a "degree of separation" problem, and MobiusBobs aims to connect each node of knowledge, viz. people, with the edges designed to include their interpretations of a given knowledge. MobiusBobs' mission aims to create contextually curated networks of all knowledge. The curated networks allow global citizen to better navigate around the accumulated knowledge. MobiusBobs enables the World’s innovation to be better together.

MobiusBobs creates a platform for transferring knowledge that derives tangible value from the economy. MobiusBobs is crowd knowledge exchange community that initially targets IP (Intellectual Property). While bad patents, like bad programs, are everywhere that blocking the innovation progress, MobiusBobs aims to fix it. Our clients post enquiries of IP uncertainty and globally sourced experts compete to “debug” patents for a bounty. Each contribution of "debugging" is aggregated to our knowledge base by the community of expert with diverse domain knowledge in depth.

Nomination Committee Member

Jyh-Fu Don Jeng

Associate Professor / National Chengchi University

Don Jyh-Fu Jeng is an Associate Professor at the Graduate Institute of Technology, Innovation and Intellectual Property Management, College of Commerce, National Chengchi University (NCCU). Don received his Ph.D. from Waseda University (Japan) as well as an M.S. and a B.S. in Computer Science from University of Houston (U.S.) Prior to his doctoral studies, Don worked as a system analyst for Texas Instruments (U.S. & Taiwan) and as an e-commerce manager for Ateck Computer, Inc. (U.S.) In addition, Don has co-founded the (U.S.), which its business model has later proved successful. Before joining NCCU, Don was with the National Cheng Knug University (NCKU) as an associate professor to the Institute of International Management.

Dr. Jeng teaches the Technology Innovation, Strategic Operations, and Entrepreneurship related courses in the MBA, IMBA, and EMBA programs. His lecture adopted the Case Method and Participant-Centered Learning format, which emphasize both industrial practice and academic theory. He has been one of the most favorable professors among the student group and being a recipient of Distinguished Teaching Award NCKU university-wide. Don is the Fellow of Academy of Educators, NCKU and honored by the faculty merit pay program. Don has consulted for a wide variety of organizations and associations. In addition, he serves as a mentor to entrepreneurial groups that devotes himself to support young entrepreneurs on their venturing journey. Don’s Ph.D. dissertation research on the Bio-inspired Computation toward Management Engineering Applications was recognized by the Operations Research Society of Japan as one of the best dissertations in the field of engineering management. After his doctoral study, Don has extended his research that focuses on the strategic decision analysis in technology-intensive industries and has recently aligned with the organizational form. His work has been published in various academic journals such as the Management Decision (SSCI), Cornell Hospitality Quarterly (SSCI), Service Business (SSCI), Computers & Industrial Engineering (SCI), International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control (SCI), and many others. Don’s academic papers have been recognized with several Best Paper Awards in conferences. He is currently the primary investigator on a research granted by the Sumitomo Foundation (Japan) that extends this work by exploring the causes and innovative consequences of organizational decisions in between Taiwanese and Japanese semiconductor industry.

Don currently serves as member of several prestigious committees including the Decision Sciences Institute (since 2010), a leading academic society in the field of Decision Sciences, and the International Society of Management Engineers (since 2008). In addition, he has also served as the Vice Editor-in-Chief (2009 through 2010) and as an associate editor (2011 and present) at the International Journal of Biomedical Soft Computing and Human Sciences, as an associate editor (2010 and present) at the International Journal of Intelligent Technologies and Applied Statistics, and has served himself as a reviewer to many leading societies, such as the Academy of Management, Decision Sciences Institute, and IEEE.
Don was born and grew up in Taipei, and experienced in the U.S., Japan, and Hong Kong, which marks him a very diverse professional. He is currently living in Tainan with his wife and two daughters. Don enjoys reading, music, photographing, jogging, swimming, learning new technologies, and study on behavior of technology firms.


Optical Sensing Ltd.

Matthew Lam / CEO

Optical Sensing Limited (OSL) was established in 2011 by the founding partners / shareholders. The mission is to provide intelligence based monitoring systems to organizations / operators who operate systems of power, energy, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning), transportation and hydrology/geology. The objectives of the monitoring system are to protect their asset investment; promote green environment; and to enhance service quality.

OSL launched the first solution in July 2013. The first solution is a Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) system. The DTS system makes use of an ordinary fibre optic cable to sense and measure the temperature of the host system to which a sensor fibre optic cable has been attached. The whole fibre optic cable is a sensor thereby providing continuous monitoring contrasted with discrete sensors.

DTS is based on Raman back scattering. Raman back scattering was discovered by Professor Raman in 1983 at University of Southampton, UK.

OSL obtained patents from Chinese and HKSAR Governments on the system software developments. OSL has also developed advanced application software for analysis of temperature profiles to effectively identify abnormal operating conditions of host systems.

The DTS system can greatly enhance service quality and improve environmental quality as well as protection of valuable assets.

Nomination Committee Member

Allen Yeung

Vice President / Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation

Ir. Allen Yeung, Vice President of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation; he works with both government and non-profit organisations, industry, associations, and investment community to promote technology ecosystem development in Hong Kong, over 25 years of experience with an extensive business and management background and he is a Founding Chairman of the Hong Kong Business Angel Network, member of China Business Angel Association, Board member of Monte Jade Science & Technology Association of HK, Vice-President of HK Information Technology Joint Council an Advisor to Technology Development Committee of the Federation of HK Industries, member of HK Professionals and Senior Executives Association, Fellow Member of The Hong Kong Institute of Engineers.Advisor to the EE Department of The Chinese University of HK, Intellectual Property Assessment Committee Member and Advisory Committee Member of The HK Polytechnic University.Ir. Yeung has served as judge at various awards and business plan competitions, including TVB “I’M A BOSS”, the HK Award for Industries; ICT Awards, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - CHIEF (China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum); HKUST Entrepreneurship Competition; Young Entrepreneurs Development Council’s E-Challenge; Vice Chancellor’s Cup of the CUHK; HKEIA Award for Outstanding Innovation & Technology Products; and HK PolyU Micro Fund

Opto electronics
Fiber Optic Telecommunication


Jeong Soo Kim / CEO

There are several optical device package methods. Among them, the TO-can (transistor outline – can) package is the smallest and cheapest package solution. Because of the small volume of the TO-can package, the package cannot accommodate more complicated functionality such as a wavelength locker. As a start-up, Phovel is continuously working on adding new functionalities to the TO-can package such as wavelength locker, chirp management, and bi-directional functionality. Thanks to the small volume of the TO-can, more complicated devices are possible using the multi-functional TO-can type packages. With our products, fiber optic networking will be cheaper and easier to manage.
Phovel’s new developments cover nearly the whole area of fiber optic networking such as wired networking of FTTH, wireless networking of mobile telecommunications and the network in a data center. All of these products are based on our more than 70patents. Phovel’s products are not mere replacements of already used devices, but can provide new functionality to service providers.
Thanks to the cheap and small volume of TO-can type packages, Phovel can support the customer with new functionalities and cost. Phovel looks forward to continued growth as an optical devices maker due to our innovativeness.

Nomination Committee Member

Gyewan Moon

Full Professor / School of Business Administration, Kyungpook National University, South Korea

Gyewan Moon is a Professor of Strategic Management & Organization Theory in the School of Business Administration at Kyungpook National University in Korea. He worked for the University both as an Associate Vice-President for International Affairs and a Director of Innovation Center in Research Institute of Economics and Business Administration. He also works for Mobile-Health Forum as a President. He published several papers in Academy of Management Review, International Journal of Information Management, etc. He received his Ph.D. in Business Administration at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. U.S.A.

Medical Waste Management

RAD Green Solutions Inc.

Ivan Lim / President & CEO

As global population increases, the volume of garbage also increase and while we have made great leaps and bounds in digital and mobile technology, this has not been the case for waste management.

The real challenge for waste management solutions is sustainability. Is the solution economically viable? Can we afford to build, operate or maintain this solution? With the heightening awareness for global warming, we also now need to ask ourselves, is this solution environmentally sound?

RAD Green Solutions is a cleantech company based in Davao City, Philippines and we are here to take this challenge. We have developed a technology that allows us to produce more heat with less fuel with the aid of water which we call HYDROBURN.

With lots of potential applications for this technology, we decided to initially focus on an application for bio-medical wastes and we hope to eventually develop the most economical waste to energy solution for municipal garbage currently rotting in dumpsites and landfills all over the world.

Nomination Committee Member

Antonio Mendoza Del Carmen

Program Director / Ateneo de Manila University Graduate School of Business

Prof. Antonio M. del Carmen has been an educator since 1998. Currently, he is the CEO/President of STI College Santa Rosa Inc. and the Program Director for Ateneo de Manila University Graduate School of Business on the Master in Entrepreneurship Program. He is very much involved in various education associations where he actively contributes in formulating and strategizing educational reforms for the Philippines. Besides his involvement in education, Dr. Del Carmen is also engaged in information technology through Prime Infoserve Network Corporation, a business process outsourcing company, and in the family-owned real estate company, Philpro Management and Development Corporation.

(Health Care)

Shanghai CamRay Photonics Co., Ltd.

Yan Zhang / CEO

Established in Oct. 2012, CamRay has 2 R&D centers in Nanjing and Cambridge and one head office in Shanghai. CamRay is a high-tech company dedicated in researching and producing new X-ray generators and X-ray image system with superior properties including lower radiation, higher resolution, instantaneous scanning time, longer lifetime and lower power consumption. Our founding team invented the world’s leading new cold cathode X-ray generator technology after ten years’ R&D in Cambridge, and have owned over 20 patents. By now, we have established strategic cooperation with several leading enterprises in the field of X-ray image. CamRay obtained A round financing from VC in 2012, and “Leading Talent” and “Science and Technology Entrepreneur” awarded by the government.

Nomination Committee Member

Richard Tan

General Manager-Knowledge Community Development / Shui On Development Limited
Chief Executive / Shanghai TusPark (KIC) Management Company

Richard Tan is the General Manager with SHUI ON Group, and the Chief Executive of Shanghai TUSPark (KIC) Management Company. Part of the core team to develop a new product line for the Group – Knowledge Community (KC), Mr Tan is directly responsible to create a robust and vibrant enterprise business ecosystem within the Community. He has also put in place a total solution set-up, ranging from providing talent solutions to enterprise solutions and even international business connectivity. Such initiatives successfully positioned Shui On Knowledge Community as the most effective launch-pads into China.

Health and wellness, interactive digital media

T.Ware Pte. Ltd.

James Teh / CEO

A technology company based and incorporated in Singapore in 2011 with a global user base, T.Ware aims to design and bring to life the most innovative, elegant, useful and user-friendly technology products that use touch to communicate and comfort to expand the human experience. T.Ware’s vision is to bring touch to life. The core innovation is the ability to apply continuous and varying pressure to the human user, through devices that are lightweight, wearable and mobile. T.Jacket is the first product. Built on a flexible multi-functional wearable haptics platform that can both detect and reproduce touch sensations, T.Jacket simulates a hug by applying deep pressure points to the wearer's body to produce a calming effect. Touch is a fundamental human need, and we envision the huge potential of touch technology in the intersection of heath, wellness and lifestyle. T.Jacket has undergone successful trials in Singapore and we are looking forward to mass production and overseas expansion in by forming partnerships with distributors in the segments of healthcare and wellness. Some areas of application include the autism community and therapy for the elderly with dementia, stress management, personal communication and gaming.

Nomination Committee Member

Gary Leslie Rubin

Professor / NUS Enterprise, National University of Singapore

Gary has 12 years experience in University technology commercialisation and business management at Edinburgh University (UK); Venture Capital in Singapore at EDB Investments (Bio*One Capital) and was Founder and Executive Management in a bioinformatics start up company, Fios Genomics, a spin out from Edinburgh University.

He has extensive expertise in evaluation of novel, innovative technologies, business plans and investment opportunities in the hi-tech and biotech/medical field. He also has an established track record in commercial/operations management taking his own company from spin out to growing a viable, sustainable business; developing and implementing business plans; development of technology for commercial applications; revenue generation; and successfully raising seed funding and capital from government agencies (UK and EU) and angel investors, >£1 million.

Currently, Gary is part of the Investment Team at NUS Enterprise which identifies and evaluates new start up opportunities from NUS researchers and community of students and alumni. He also manages NUS Enterprise’s portfolio of start-up companies to advise and assist them with funding (government grants and Venture Capital) and business connections with industry.

He has a PhD in Molecular Endocrinology and a BSc in Biochemistry from Dundee University (UK).

Internet of Things

Wifinity Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Jay Krishnan / Chief Executive Officer

Wifinity Technology is an architect in the IoT space. With Internet of Things (IoT), objects or people are provided with unique identifiers and gives the ability to automatically transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. Wifinity Technology's vision is to be the Facebook of connected devices. The wireless sensor and wireless control world allows enterprises to lower energy, water and resource consumption.

Wifinity’s solutions use disruptive technologies like M2M (Machine to Machine), Artificial Intelligence and wireless sensor networking to enable enterprises to lower their energy and water consumption levels. The solution uses disruptive meshed wireless technologies, making it easy to install, mount & configure. The artificial intelligent system learns, adapts and controls lighting, HVAC and water supplies - thus lowering the total cost of ownership to the customer. The solution has helped customers save up to 20% of their utility bills and 15% of the water bills

Wifinity is one of the fastest growing ventures backed by IIM Ahmedabad & IIM Bangalore., two of India’s top 4 business schools. Ever since its inception in 2010, Wifinity team has won numerous international awards for our innovation.

Nomination Committee Member

Siva Ramamoorthy

COO / NSRCEL (N S Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning)

Siva Ramamoorthy (Siva) currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer at NSRCEL, a top Indian Start-up Incubator. NSRCEL incubates early stage start-ups and looks for start-ups that address fundamental problems and provides solutions that are Innovative, Impactful and Implementable. Siva brings a corporate focus to the incubator with a global corporate background having worked in both US and India that includes roles such as Marketing Director VMware, Director Sales and Marketing, Intel, Product Management at Nortel Networks. He has also worked in a couple of entrepreneurial, Venture/PE backed smaller companies including as Head of Marketing, Tejas Networks – a Red Herring Worldwide Top 100 India Start-up- and as Director Sales, Genband – a PE backed firm which acquired portions of Nortel Networks business. He holds a MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, USA and a MS in Computer Science from the University of Kentucky, USA.

Medical Device

Wuxi Hisky Medical Technologies Co., Ltd.

Jinhua Shao / CEO

Hisky Medical has successfully developed the world's first image-guided non-invasive liver fibrosis diagnostic system which can be used to quickly and accurately determine liver fibrosis level, allowing the patient to know the health condition of his liver without suffering liver biopsy and monitor the development and corresponding treatment effect of his chronic liver diseases through multiple examinations. The clinician can also determine the progress of the patient’s condition and carry out the corresponding treatment.

Nomination Committee Member

Xiaoxiao Yu

Lecturer / Students' affairs office of Tsinghua University

Dr. Yu Xiaoxiao, currently a faculty member of Tsinghua University, directs the Entrepreneurship Education Center of Youth League of Tsinghua University. She obtained her bachelor degree in 2008 and her Ph.D. degree in 2013, both from the Electronic Engineering department of Tsinghua University.  She served as a visiting scholar at Stanford University and University of California, Santa Barbara during 2009-2010. As part of the work in Youth League of Tsinghua University, she organizes tens of entrepreneurship education activities each year, such as “Intel - Tsinghua Technology Entrepreneurship Summer Campus for National University Students”, “National Collegiate Social Entrepreneurship Competition”, “Business Plan Competition of Tsinghua University”, etc.

Youth Development
and Advertising


Tan Yee Mei / CEO is designed to bridge the gap between youth with brands and government agencies on one common online platform. It serves as a hub for youth to post up their youth development projects and events in order to gather resources, funding and mentorship to help build their ideas. With this platform, it allows youth to be able to express and improve themselves by engaging with the content. It provides youth the opportunity to learn, grow, network, strengthen their leadership skills, exposure and enrich their experiences.

On the other hand, brands and government agencies uses the platform to target young people as their workforce, seek for future leaders of the country and running their advertising campaigns targeting the campus students.

Nomination Committee Member

Ahmed Razman Abdul Latiff

Director / PUTRA BUSINESS SCHOOL, Malaysia

Dr. AHMED RAZMAN Abdul Latiff is a Director of Non-Thesis Program (MBA & MM) and also a Head of Business Processes and Entrepreneurship Training in the Putra Business School, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). He holds a Bachelor Degree of Accounting and Finance (Honours) from Lancaster University, United Kingdom, a Master Degree of Accounting from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and a Master Research Degree in Accounting and Financial Management from Lancaster University, United Kingdom. He also holds a PhD in Corporate Governance from Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom. Ahmed Razman has presented and published numerous papers at various conferences and journals. He is one of the editorial board of Asian Journal of Case Research and he is also the Vice President of Case Writers’ Association of Malaysia. His current areas of research interest include entrepreneurship, innovation, corporate governance, ethics and human governance. He is also an IP Evaluation Panel for UPM, which involves in identifying the potential commercialization of UPM inventions. He is currently in the board of directors of two startups specializing in technological products in education and healthcare.