Startup Entrants outline

Airbike is Sydney’s first station-less bike sharing platform that is designed to make inner city transport fast, convenient and healthy, and to provide a way for you to cover that last mile to reach your destination. Airbike uses technology, developed in Australia that combines with the Airbike smartphone app to bring you greater access and convenience to a bike when you need it the most. In bringing Airbike to the world, we know that we can reduce traffic congestion and create efficient transport in our beautiful cities for everyone to benefit from.


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Ambassador, Sydney Genesis Startup Program / University of Sydney
Airbike has recently won the Sydney Genesis Entrerpeneurship competition, and has demonstrated itself to be a strong potential start-up business.

Qingfan provide mobile innovation management tools and solutions for innovative organizations. By crowdsourcing projects, contest/competitions and workshops, an organization can leverage social power to solve problems and build a highly engaged innovative community. By community based innovation, the cost can be reduced by up to 30-50%. For innovation management tools, there are no prominent competitors. Qingfan provides a comprehensive solution for this problem, with a very easy to use mobile app as well as a very powerful dashboard and BI tools. The features of the product include community building, large scale project management and data management. The technology and algorithms are on the edge, with authorized innovation patents and software copyrights.


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Deputy Director of the Communist Youth League / Tsinghua University
Enterprise innovation management is of great importance for companies. Qingfan’s team solve this problem by a solid product as well as a fresh perspective. Their product, a mobile app called Virtual Workshop and Business Intelligent tools form a comprehensive solution for the large scale community based innovation. Qingfan’s team members come from Tsinghua University, Stanford University etc. who are very capable and share rich experience in software and artificial intelligence. We think Qingfan’s idea and product is very innovative, with both economic potential and social impact.

Quality Technology is a company which offers smart air purifying solution based on AI and IoT technology. Currently, we developed a small-scale AQI forecasting system based on big data and machine learning. A smart air purifier and a corresponding app were also developed. We also build a SaaS platform for EM, CRM and data analysis. We have 20 employees in total and are divided into three teams: the hardware development team, the software development team and the management team. Most of them have working experience in large companies. We plan to sell our product at a relative low price to attract users and charge for filter-changing services based on the data that we collect on our SaaS platform. We can also earn a profit from the data of our AQI forecasting system. What’s more, when we have a number of customers, we can also earn money from ads on our app. In the next six months, we will mainly cooperate with manufacturers like Foxconn to test and manufacture the products. The amount of money that we need for the next 6 months will be around $1,500,000.


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Student Career Center, PEKING University / Assistant Director
Quality Technology is a promising start-up founded by three Peking University Ph.D. students with engineering, economics and industrial engineering management background. All of three founders not only have an excellent academic performance and show great leadership in student activities in school, but also have abundant working experience in large companies like McKinsey. Quality Technology is a high-tech oriented company which offers smart air purifying solution using big data, machine learning and IoT technology. They established complete research teams and finished the development of prototypes. In addition, they have partnership with Huawei and China Mobile in NB-IoT technology cooperation to build an air purifying IoT platform. Though still in early stage, they applied for 1 international PCT patent and 5 domestic patents. They also ranked top 5% globally during the European Webit Summit 2017. Air pollution is a global issue and the need of air purifying market in China, India and other air-polluted areas are far from being satisfied. With the artificial intelligence and IoT technology, the smart air purifying solution that Quality Technology offers is sure to be a good business.

Ziyan is committed to manufacturing modern aerial robotic aviation platforms by using mature technology and leading edgy science. The company’s products include manufacture aircrafts with integrated avionics systems, intelligent flight control systems, integrated pistons and turbo-shaft engine technology, which targets to enhance the added value for potential buyers.

Ziyan’s feature product is unmanned helicopter, which has applicable uses in highway surveillance, rapid logistics operations, rescues, border patrol, counter-terrorism, special operations, aerial defense, aerial target drone training, agricultural protection, and other application scenario. Ziyan’s UAVs provide diversified choices for flight control systems and operation components, loading platforms and delivery systems to meet the demands of different industries and tasks.

Ziyan has a design team and produce flight control system, with all platform body using Black-Hawk glazed material and carbon fiber which makes structure solid and light. Ziyan’s UAV system and ground control station can be customized. There are various choices for distinctive-needed payload. All platforms are benchmarked upon Chinese military standard.


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Senior Investment Manager / INNOSPACE+
Start-up company which focus on latest UAV technologies, with peculiar IP and application scenarios. One of their main focus area is for security use and fire protection, which may cater to Japanese market.

Claro Energy was established in early 2011 with the goal to disrupt the farm irrigation sector in India and later globally. Claro provides solar irrigation solutions to farmers replacing expensive Diesel Engines/Pumps. Besides being expensive Diesel based pumps pollute extensively and use additional carbon footprint in Diesel supply chains. Claro’s Intellectual property enables revectoring horizontal Solar solutions such as Solar grids, pumps into a custom specific usage model namely agricultural irrigation. Claro believes that agriculture will be one of the largest use cases of Solar power.

Over the past 6 years they have deployed over 7000 solar irrigation pumps across 15 states in India. They are also driving a lot of business model innovation in this space and some of their work (‘Solar Irrigation As A Service’) has already received global recognition such as with USAID, Skoch Achiever Award, Giz Germany. Over the next 2 years, they’re likely to deploy another 30,000 solar irrigation pumps across India and Globally impacting over 500,000 rural lives. The company is looking for support from investors, lendors and technology companies to help them rapidly scale in this unconventional sector.


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Mentor / Zone Startups India
Claro Energy is a Sustainable CleanTech company providing Solar Irrigation Solutions. Irrigation is a critical challenge in enabling successful agriculture. Solar pumps provide a vital capacity to enable pumps using ground water and solar power to provide water to plants thereby (a) reducing dependence on diesel supply chains to operate irrigation pumps (b) reducing the carbon foot print (c) Ensuring On-demand and timely availability of water for irrigation. Claro Energy’s Solar irrigation solutions provide exactly these benefits. Founded in 2011, Claro’s Proprietary solutions already generate around 28 MWs of power every day and irrigate around 110,000 Acres of land besides reducing around 5000 tons of Carbon emissions each year. AEA could be a great platform for Claro Energy to showcase it technology/business model innovation, meet potential partners (investors and technology companies) in all Japan and other Asian countries.

Olivewear has launched Project SaveMom, an initiative to provide better maternal care and healthcare ecosystem in both urban and rural areas. We have created two unique versions of solution powered by wearables, iOT based medical devices and cloud technology.
Our solution comprises of a fashionable wearable that monitors pregnant women 24×7, an AI based mobile app that acts like a personal assistant and contains doctor reports, and a cloud system that continuously processes the data. For advanced care we also have iOT based medical devices such as Blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, weighing machine, fetal heart rate monitor and blood glucose monitor, which provide antenatal care at remote places.
In Rural, we sell our solution to pregnant women through hospitals, governments and foundations who wish to improve the personalized care for pregnancy in remote areas. Our mode of operation is through grants and funds from foundations.
In Urban, we provide the entire solutions as “First 1000 days” which provides pregancy care, parenting tips and health tips to mothers for 1000 days. We sell our wearables and iOT devices through the app. Each sale we expect to make a profit of 35%.


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General Manager / PSG-Science & Technology Entrepreneurial Park (PSG-STEP)
Award winning technology from NASSCOM, IIT and DST in India, Olivewear has been pivotal in developing a personalized care kit for maternal care. Its innovation has caught the eyes of the giants such as Philips, GE, BOSCH and BD. It has also setup its international operation within one year to expand on a global level. The company has both rural and urban operation, creating a potential to create a huge impact in the connected healthcare space and remote healthcare. The vision of the company is to reduce maternal mortality and improve the quality of maternal care around the world. Strong and enthusiastic team who work with a lean mindset are focused on getting things done. In a short span, the team has managed to develop wearable, iOT devices and mobile app with AI integration specially curated for pregnancy care, which makes it one of the most innovative start-ups in the country. NASSCOM, which is a recognized startup accelerator in India, has taken Olivewear as top 3 Iot startups for 2017 and provided space in its center of excellence. is a marketplace and agrifintech at the sametime that intends to integrate the up-stream to the down-stream value chain of agro-based economy, in such away to achieve a certain level of efficiency that is a pre-condition to improve the life being of farmers, ranchers, smallholders etc in villages and remote areas. In this effort, through the implementation of digital technology simplifies and shortens the distribution chain by bringing producer to get closer to end user. Being the most critical aspect in the Country agribiz, includes also financing schemes for agribiz.

Bachelor Degree in Economic

Nominated by

DR. Ing. Totok Hari Wibowo MSc. / Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs
The Start-ups’ intention to support the life being of farmers, ranchers, smallholders and villagers in remote and lagging regions falls in the same direction with National Programs to improve life being, economic resiliency, and food security. The marketplace and all related services it provides, will serve as key enabler for the macro design to take effect in local area.

LPixel, a spin-out startup from the University of Tokyo, is a leader in advanced image analysis software specialized in image data in life science field. The company was founded in March 2014 by three members working in the same research laboratory in the University of Tokyo. Since the establishment of the laboratory in 2000, the laboratory has been leading the image analysis technology in biological sciences. By integrating imaging technologies and the expertise in life science fields, LPixel developed a cloud-based image analysis platform specialized for life science images. The company is also developing a medical image analysis diagnostic support system designed to detect cancers and diseases by using their original artificial intelligence technologies. LPixel also provides a product which can detect unnatural parts such as cut and paste of images and processing in images included in academic papers in the life science area. LPixel is also involved in several major national projects including ImPACT and CREST to support the advancement of core image analysis technologies.


Nominated by

Project Professor / The University of Tokyo
The company has a very strong engineering team who have been developing advanced image analysis technologies specifically targeted for analysing image data in life science field. Based on their original algorithm and machine learning technologies, LPixel provides image analysis software and services specialized in processing images in life science fields. Although their initial products are focused on researchers in the life science area such as medical, pharmaceutical and agriculture, their ultimate goal is to utilize their machine learning technologies to medical diagnosis. AI-based medical image diagnosis support system can accurately detect cancers and diseases from a variety of medical images such as CT, MRI and endscopes without depending on skilled interpreting doctors. There are abundant medical image data in Japan where imaging diagnostic devices are much popular than in other countries. LPixel is in a good position to utilize the advantage of being a Japanese company to be a global leader of AI-based medical diagnosis systems.

With the development of massively parallel next-generation sequencing that can analyze DNA samples at ultrahigh speed, the foundation for providing individual genome analysis to the general public at a realistic cost is being established. Databases have also been updated for genetic information on a large number of diseases. Although treatments and prevention methods might exist for a given disease, personal genome decoding can help devise medical interventions in accordance with the disease risk before actual onset of the disease, and thus help realize personalized medicine accordingly . When there are several members with a particular disease, such as cancer or cardiovascular disease, in one’s family, one might often get anxious about his/her own risk of developing that disease. Hiroki Sonehara, medical doctor at Chiba University Hospital, launched the project “Genome Clinic” in March 2017 as an original venture by Chiba University. This project offers a “medical checkup for personal genome,” where medical experts conduct individual genome analysis for prevention and early detection of disease in individuals from such afflicted families. So far, in this project, 59 genes in 27 diseases have been analyzed, for which the American College of Medical Genetics guideline has recommended understanding the risks and unveiling the actionable mutations. In Japan, this is the first attempt to evaluate multiple disease risks by conducting individual genome analyses by next-generation sequencing for general people who have not yet developed the disease some of their family members are afflicted with. The Genome Clinic will continue to conduct research aiming at price reduction for individual genome analysis and accuracy enhancement for disease risk judgement, thus improving analytical methods and social infrastructure for disease management.


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Associate Professor / Chiba University

Stream Technology Corporation was founded at Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Japan as a startup from University of Tsukuba since 2015. The president of the company, Shinichi Yamagiwa, is also teaching at the university as an associate professor in the computer science course. He has transferred his innovative outcomes to the company and has been challenging to the market. The owning major technologies are an AI framework for human movement analysis and a stream-based lossless data compression technology.
The AI framework, called “Skill Grouping”, provides numerical comparing method to applications that require to know difference of a comparing movement data from a movement BigData. The BigData consists of a large number of time-line sensing data sets acquired by any kinds of sensors or videos. The recent IoT applications are mainly targeted to the human users. Therefore, Skill Grouping is a key breakthrough to open a new market for IoT applications, which enables to manage skill differences, daily conditioning and also fitting method for suitable tools from just gathering a motion BigData without making any motion models.
On the other hand, the stream-based lossless data compression technology, called LCA-DLT, provides a very fast compression mechanism fully implemented on hardware. The recent IoT devices needs to receive continuous data without any breaks in the data, that is data stream. LCA-DLT compresses/decompresses data stream continuously with nanosecond-order small delay. It is provided by IP core package to LSI vendors.
Stream Technology Corporation is now growing fast by mainly promoting these two breakthrough technologies above, and also by receiving research collaboration contracts for creating innovative technology from large companies.

President / CEO

Nominated by

University of Tsukuba, Professor / Deputy Director for International Industry University Collaborative Headquarter

As a startup at Kyoto University, we provide a service to help those who suffer from back pain improve their productivity. Currently it is limited to employees a corporate.
There are countless people in the world who suffer from bodily pain everyday, including the 20 million people in Japan.
Back pain is the number one cause of unproductivity, yet most of the sufferers don’t visit the medical institution until it becomes serious. And their reason? “they’re too busy with work.”
The CEO at Backtech, who has been practicing chiropractic for many years, has seen this too many times.
Most people with some sort of a bodily pain are stuck with the fear of never ending suffrage and with no clue of what to do.
PocketTherapist is an application that we’ve developed that links busy people who suffer from pain and certified therapists through technology in the comfort of their home.
Just like carrying a smartphone in your pocket, we want people to “carry” their therapists in their pocket, anywhere, anytime.
About 12 corporates have joined PocketTherapist after just 2 months of releasing our application.
About 80% of the population in the world experience a back pain, but this worldwide problem, somehow stays unsolved, even though it is the number one reason why people aren’t as active as they should be.
We thrive to improve health in Asia so that people can stay energetic and thus increase productivity, which will lead to the development of the economy.


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Assistant Manager / ASTEM

Qubit Security is a professional information security company. We have been exceedingly studied ‘hacking’, and developed real-time hacking detection cloud platform ‘PLURA'( for the first time in the world.
We have changed the paradigm of security based on Big data analysis, machine learning, the largest scale of security log database in Korea, and real-time hacking detection technology. Our goal is to solve chronic troubles of security incident that could never be solved by traditional post-audit way.


Nominated by

Professor / School of Business Administration, Kyungpook National University
Qubit Security is 4- year old company which focuses on detecting and protecting cyber hacking right away on the spot. This is far better than existing cyber security companies in S. Korea and has a good potential for expanding the market throughout the world. It also got many calls from various big companies including Softbank and many famous big companies since it saves good time to respond to the cyber hackings and to cure the problem inside the system . The company itself wishes to enter into Japanese market also, which is also another reason for the recommendation.

KATSANA is a data company focusing on usage-based insurance & connected cars. Our prediction and gamification engine excels in understanding driver behaviour patterns, scoring drivers based on actual risk on the road, and engage them to become better drivers. We work with motor insurers and auto manufacturers to enable safer roads for all through a unified & API-centric automotive platform. We have so far collected 440 million kms of driving data, and managed to reduce risky behaviors by 62% within 12 months.


Nominated by

Director / Putra Business School
In recent years, Malaysia are getting serious with Digital Economy and soon to launch Digital Free Trade Zone near Kuala Lumpur International Airport.. Everyone is preparing for the Industrial 4.0 and data analytics are becoming important features for the survivability of any company. Katsana is a forefront runner in this area with a concentrated focus on usage-based insurance and connected cars. Their advantage is in coming up with a platform that aims to become the standard in motor insurance industry in Malaysia and South East Asia. This platform will allow sharing of data between the users and their insurance providers which will eventually benefits both parties in term of reduced claims and risky behaviors.

Manufacturing and distribution businesses around the world are being dramatically disrupted by robotics, automation and data analytics. However, primary industries such as horticulture, agriculture and forestry have struggled to adopt this hi-tech revolution and are viewed by independent reports as been the least automated industries globally. Harsh and highly variable environments in these industries have traditionally made measurement and automation very difficult. Processes are highly labour intensive and data collection is fragmented and disparate.
RPL’s success is to deeply understand complex food and fibre value chains as well as have a deep understanding and experience with emerging technologies such as machine vision, artificial intelligence, computing, electronics and robotics. We partner with leading research organisations to ensure that our solutions are at the forefront of technology capability.
We consequently have a track record of developing robotic, automation and analytics solutions which free the primary industries workforce of repetitive work as well as minimising waste, optimising hygiene and creating more control for farmers, crop managers and post-harvest industries who seek to power up productivity in food and fibre value chains.
“Robotics Plus is the future of in-orchard and post-harvest automation, with its real-world, sophisticated, precision robotics being developed today to meet the significant and increasing agricultural demands of tomorrow.”
Andrew Dawson Acting Group Manager – Sensing & Automation at Callaghan Innovation

CTO, Director, Owner

Nominated by

Investment Manager / New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE)
Robotics Plus Ltd (RPL) is an early stage hi-tech company that successfully attaining its first year of revenue in 2017. RPL have developed ground breaking robotic, automation and analytics solutions that have the ability to transform horticultural and agricultural industries by addressing the increasing challenges of rising wages and labour shortages as well as product waste, hygiene and lack of efficiency. Their technological capabilities, proven by the adaptable and modular products they have produced, have attracted the attention of major global manufacturers and food producers from around the world. These multinationals recognise the need for specialist skills to apply automation into highly variable agricultural environments. RPL’s opportunities in global markets are evidenced by independent research, feedback, pending contracts with key global customers / distributors, and orders for their products. Capture of their first and the largest apple-packing customer in the US demonstrates an innovative approach in their product and business model with a clear competitive advantage. RPL would provide an outstanding representation to Japan of NZ’s ability to provide innovative unique solutions and approaches to global problems particularly in the area of food / agriculture. The interest from a large global Japanese company is evidence of that. A partnership with a major Japanese company will enable a collaborative R&D programme combining Japanese manufacturing expertise and supply chains with New Zealand’s strong reputation for agricultural innovation and global networks.

MyStart-Apps, our Game Changer.
The FREE mobile application platform which aims to revolutionize MSMEs game in business. It allows MSMEs to create decent, neat, and quality mobile apps for FREE, saving the cost of development for these small businessmen, so they can use it in advertising. It gives them the power to make their customized mobile app through a user-friendly platform in less than 30 minutes.

Why build it on MyStart-Apps?
It is FREE.
It provides more value to your brand if you have your own mobile app.
It can exponentially expand your promising start-up enterprise because you can communicate directly with your customers through their IOS and Android phone, by sending notifications, updates or advertisements in your mobile app.


Nominated by

Program Director / Ateneo de Manila University Graduate School of Business
Mr.Geek’s MyStart-Apps (MSA) is a disruptive innovation that will empower the Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) from around the world to have an equal opportunity with large enterprises in terms of brand competition in the field of mobile apps. It is a FREE do-it-your-own Mobile Application platform that will enable MSMEs to save a lot of resources in the mobile app development for their brands. Through MSA, their savings can be used to advertising opportunities within the ecosystem of different enterprises and its clients, being built and captured in this free platform.MSA is also a data mining tool which creates a marriage of Technology and Marketing, to make advertising more efficient and affordable for small players.

Webgears ( is a software technology company focusing on novel web-based 3D graphics for industrial applications, and gaming. Our product is a graphics engine, which lets our clients extract significantly more value from 3D models and interactive 3D graphics by almost eliminating hardware requirements and moving interactive 3D content to the cloud.


Nominated by

Director for International Cooperation / Skolkovo Foundation
This is a strong company that presents a product with known and verified demand in countries with exceptional engineering culture (Germany and Switzerland, the USA). We feel that the company also has a great team both in management (led by Larisa who has decades of experience in international business development) and research (who have been working on the product in its different iterations since 2008).

ViSenze powers visual commerce at scale for retailers and image recognition for enterprises.
Built with proprietary computer vision and deep machine learning technology, the company creates highly optimized Enterprise visual solutions for retailers that shorten the path to action as consumers search and discover products they are looking for using only images. Leading retailers like Uniqlo Japan, SEARS, and H&M use ViSenze today to improve search experiences on their shopping platforms. Major shopping sites like Rakuten Ichiba, ASOS and adidas also use ViSenze to convert any UGC content into immediate product search opportunities, uplifting conversion rates.
Media companies like Singapore Press Holdings use ViSenze’s image recognition solutions to turn any image or video into an engagement opportunity, driving more new and incremental dollars.
Spun-off from the National University of Singapore in 2012 by web entrepreneurs and computer vision scientists, the company’s mission is to simplify the way people search and discover the visual world. ViSenze is venture-backed by Rakuten and WI Harper, and officially supported by MasterCard.
ViSenze was recognized as Singapore’s Most Promising Startup in 2015, amongst 5 deep learning companies to watch in 2017 by Venturebeat, and named an Interbrand Breakthrough Brand 2017.

CEO and Co-founder

Nominated by

Director, Ecosystem Development (Incubation) / National University of Singapore (NUS) Enterprise
ViSense is a company borne from effective ecosystem collaboration. The start-up uses university technology, applied to benefit end consumers. It has worked with the technology to transform consumer behaviours through disrupting the visual search category by simplifying the search for products. ViSenze was founded in partnership by university professors and entrepreneurs from the industry. Since it’s founding in 2012 ViSenze has made steady progress in several ways, namely in :  product offerings – through constant R&D and technology improvements  market access – moving beyond Singapore to capture key markets  team and human resource - growing a strong team with good capabilities through sound human resource practice and management. It is not only commercially viable, it has delivered real and increasing impact in the world of online retail, and has good potential to expand to serve more clients, as well as to a larger geography. It has a strong management team who has stayed the course from day one, and who is committed to growing not just the business but the people to support its vision. In addition, ViSenze has immediate plans to further its reach into the Japanese market, and this exposure through the Asian Entrepreneurship Awards, will benefit them tremendously.

Esophageal cancer is the eighth most common cancer in the world. There are over 450,000 new cases each year, and over 70% of whom are in Asia. In the esophageal cancer treatments, brachytherapy has advantages of high doses, high accuracy and high complete response rate, but its drawback is the fatal side effect. BRAXX Biotech develops an innovative solution to improve the therapeutic efficacy and avoid the side effects in traditional brachytherapy procedures. We dedicate to provide a better therapeutic environment for esophageal cancer patients.

President and Chairman

Nominated by

Associate Professor and Director / Graduate Institute of Technology, Innovation & Intellectual Property Management National Chengchi University
BRAXX Biotech is the pioneer in the field of radiology. Starting from the clinical unmet need, we develop the new generation brachytherapy applicator to provide a novel and advanced therapeutic method for cancer patients. We have finished the patent deployment of our core technology, designed and manufactured of the prototype and are planning for the clinical trial. The executive team of BRAXX are composed of experts with experience in clinical medicine, radiotherapy, marketing, regulatory affairs and intellectual property to maximize the product value and accelerate the development procedure.

AIM GLOBAL INNOVATION is a research venture spinning off from the AIMLAB at Mahidol University, Thailand. We build an innovation for improving people’s quality of life based through robotic technologies. One of the innovations that is ready for the market is an education robot for children with autism. The robot is used as assistive tool for teachers, caregivers, parents, and therapists in order to create training sessions for children with autism spectrum disorders at schools, households, and hospitals. While it helps with the creation of training sessions, the robot also makes learning more fun, interactive, thus enhances children’s engagement in the training and learning. It is suitable for children age of 4 to 12 years old. More than 100 teaching contents have already been developed and tested in six schools and hospital and a continuous development pipeline is part of the our business model. Users can freely download these contents from a content sharing platform. Moreover, we developed a robot control program that allows user to create teaching contents simply. The contents can be designed and created to fit with individual needs. These contents can be shared to other users through the provided platform. Efficient training sessions thus can be set up as frequently as possible and truly fit with each child.


Nominated by

Change Maker / MetaMo
Although it may not be as significant as it seems, autism brings both challenges for the child and the family throughout the child’s life time. Despite the challenges, children with autism deserves the best possible education they can get. With the low therapist-to-autistic children ratio in many part of the world, these children are not being given the right education for their development. The awareness of the AIM Global Innovation has found a strategy that allows them to provide such education for Children with autism with great scalability through uses of robots. Not only is using robots effective in delivery proper educational contents, it also makes things easier for caregivers, teachers, and parents. Japan is an unique market. It may have not be the easiest market when it comes to technology adoption, robotic application is also a more developed in Japan. Thus AEA could be a good platform in the introduction of this technology into the Japanese market and also allows the venture to seek robotic partners for their future developments.

Han Computer was founded in Nevsehir Turkey in March 2011 as an IT company. The company provides customers who live in Nevsehir and near Nevsehir computer environments, security camera system, network infrastructure system, web design service, commercial software, education service, installation and maintenance, barcode system, construction and sale, IP phone and switch system, as quick as possible.
The company provides SMS sending service and comprehensive solutions to the customers.


Nominated by

Han Computer wants to develop software and hardware which are useful in our region and in the world market. Han Computer was Founded in March 2011 as a development company for computer managed ecosystems, research and application center, Han Computer is a Software and hardware company that develops cost-effective solutions. Market needs such as infrared sensors and camera systems for a wide range of infrared imaging applications including automotive, security, machine vision, and consumer electronics. Unlike current approaches of competitors that require expensive and complex processes, Han Computer is developed to be produced at any standard camera systems, leading to cost advantage, simplicity, and flexibility.

VP9VN is founded in 2013, specializing in manufacturing Internet of things devices like surveillance camera, set top box, smart TV, video conference, and providing online services of video content delivery, computer vision, video analytics. The initial technology breakthrough which bring high growth rate to VP9VN is the invention of an bit rate optimization algorithm to improve any video encoding standard like H.264, HEVC, that helps improving quality and reduce bit rate at the same time. We produced first ever in the world smart surveillance cameras based on Android OS and embedded computer vision technology into cameras which provided low cost AI enhanced surveillance camera. VP9VN is manufacturing high quality camera with growing maturity, started exporting to other market in 2nd half of 2017. The security camera sales of VP9VN alone has projected revenue of $6m/month by the end of 2017.


Nominated by

PhD, Vice Dean / Foreign Trade University
Asian Enterpreneurship Award is unique opportunity to expand business relationships with customers, partners and investors that would help to maximize innovative technology.